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Sray Agarwal and Shashin Mishra Release New Book Focusing on “Responsible AI”

Sray Agarwal and Shashin Mishra Release New Book Focusing on “Responsible AI”

Authors Sray Agarwal and Shashin Mishra have announced their new book — Responsible AI: Implementing Ethical and Unbiased Algorithms. The book provides a hands-on approach to understand practical implementations of the concepts in AI easily. Most of the techniques covered in the book are new, with only a few that refer to existing packages. 

For all the techniques covered, the book goes deep into each subject matter and includes code to help the product teams implement these respective techniques. As AI research is one of the most active and growing areas of computer science and statistics, this book includes an overview of the many techniques that draw from the research or are created by combining different research outputs. 

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Author Sray Agarwal has applied AI and analytics from financial services to hospitality and has led the development of the Responsible AI framework for one of the largest banks in the UK. He is a well-known industry expert in Predictive Modelling, Forecasting and advanced machine learning with profound knowledge of algorithms and advanced statistics. Sray is also the Associate Director of Data Science and Analytics at Publicis Sapient, the digital business transformation company. Microsoft recognised his contribution to the development of the technology when he won the “Most Valued Professional in AI” award in 2020.

Co-author Shashin Mishra is a senior technology leader. Shashin has built transformational AI products across industry verticals. He currently serves as Director of Data Science and Analytics at Publicis Sapient. Before this, Shashin co-founded an IoT startup to perform real-time power distribution grid monitoring and was recognised as the “Most Promising Entrepreneur of India” in 2009. His current areas of interest are building responsible algorithms and the role of regulators in the future of AI.

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The book covers a wide array of intriguing topics such as Bias in Data, Explainability, Accountability in AI and Data and Model Privacy. 

You can buy your digital copy of Responsible AI from the link here

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