Stable Diffusion, a milestone? 

Stable Diffusion recently decided to go public. Since then, there have been several significant developments around it which makes one wonder—will Stable Diffusion change the entire text-to-image generation industry? And, what is the scope behind that? 
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 A CERN scientist created the world wide web (www) in 1989 to meet the growing demands for automated information sharing between scientists globally. Although it was a significant thing, it wasn’t until it was made public in 1993 that it altered the way we live. The web could not have flourished if CERN hadn’t decided to make it available under an open licence.

Much like CERN, Stability AI has also chosen to alter how people view its technology by allowing them to interact with it freely. 

Recently, Emad Mostaque, the founder of Stable Diffusion, announced that the codes for Stable Diffusion would be open. In the light of this announcement, the speculation around the launch of this AI generator as just another text-to-image generator quickly turned into Stable Diffusion’s definitive reputation as a game changer.

“I’m running Stable Diffusion locally, and it is mind-blowing what it can do; I’ve done a paint that would take me 6+ hours to make in one hour and a half with its helIt’st’s amazing,” says a user on Krita’s social platform. 

What’s happening?

Since Stable Diffusion is open-sourced, users can either explore it online or download the model directly on their systems. In addition to its general user accessibility, the model is also available for commercial purposes. 

While launching, Emad Mostaque had claimed that the “Code is already available as is the dataset. So everyone will improve and build on it.” As it turns out, people are already improving it. In a now-viral Reddit post, a user claimed to have prompted an image with a text to generate a hyper-realistic image of a faraway, futuristic metropolis with lofty skyscrapers enclosed in a massive transparent glass dome.

The model was able to create the image as directed in the image prompt and even took minute details from the text prompt into account. Considering the reactions to the resultant image, it is no wonder that Mostaque decided to introduce this feature in DreamStudio

Numerous Stable Diffusion plug-ins are being introduced by users on Twitter and Reddit. This would undoubtedly spur additional innovation in the area. For instance, a Figma Plug-in can function similar to one where a user is able to generate practically anything by providing information about a subject’s fundamental shape and position. 

Several other plug-ins have also been created. For example, a Reddit user asserted that they had successfully created a Photoshop plug-in. You can create one complete image by blending the spaces between two images with the plug-in.

Another user made a Stable Diffusion plugin for Krita, while an animated video using Stable Diffusion was made. While the video is yet to achieve a better quality, it still makes one wonder what the future holds for AI art. 

In addition to plug-ins, by using the diffusers library, a collab notebook with a Gradio GUI can do inpainting with Stable Diffusion. For example, this Twitter user was able to replace a dog with a panda in an image with the help of Stable Diffusion. 

What does the future hold?

Adding a Stable Diffusion plugin to photoshop may seem revolutionary to some. However, adding the same plugin to Blender has actually proven revolutionary for a certain user on GitHub who has even open-sourced their code. 

It is widely believed that the inclusion of Stable Diffusion in Blender is likely to speed up the creation of animation and visual effects in motion pictures. In case this combination proves successful, it is also expected to speed up the evolution and efficacy of Metaverse.

These speculations have gained further momentum in the light of Eros Investment’s decision to team up with Stable Diffusion.

The collaboration entails partnership between Eros Investment and Stable Diffusion on projects in the fields of education, healthcare, and generative meta-humans.

Eros is placing its bets on Stable Diffusion’s capacity to produce unique 3D avatars, which can then be used in metaverse or AR/VR games. The efforts from both ends is also expected to make it simpler to create fictional content.

According to Kishore Lulla, Chairman of Eros Investments, “Users now have an opportunity for creative expression at a pace that didn’t exist before. Deep AI technology will be the future of product differentiation, and we are excited to lead this revolution.”

Recently, Emad Mostaque had also claimed that they “expect the quality to keep improving as Stability AI introduces quicker, better, and more specialised models.” He further added that they intend to add audio soon, followed by additions of 3D and video features.

However, the opportunities for such combinations aren’t limited. It is believed that they can be introduced in Canva along with platforms like WordPress, which could introduce official plugins. It is also exhilarating to imagine what would entail if Google decides to build a generative search engine in the future! 

The future of this technology may be difficult to predict as of now but as Mostaque claims, “Stable Diffusion is a cutting edge AI that is open and inclusive”, it seems like we can look forward to it.

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