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STL Forms ‘Project Savdhaan’ To Train Over A Lakh Youth On COVID-19 Awareness

STL Forms ‘Project Savdhaan’ To Train Over A Lakh Youth On COVID-19 Awareness

STL Forms ‘Project Savdhaan’ To Train Over A Lakh Youth On COVID-19 Awareness

Coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic. And the virus is spiralling irrepressibly within several states in India. Lack of knowledge on social distancing, precautionary measures, and required medical assistance is increasing the risk of the virus passing to a healthier population. Addressing these challenges, STL, a global data networks innovator, formed a special project — Project Savdhaan. It is a special initiative to intensify COVID-19 awareness in India through an online workshop and on-ground sessions in specific locations.

STL Academy is an endeavour by STL, to create an ecosystem of optical fibre professionals. The academy has a large pool of professionals and students registered with it. Under Project Savdhaan, STL Academy will conduct COVID-19 online awareness drive in association with Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC) and Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK). Over 1,00,000 youth registered with these, not for profit organisations, will attend the online workshop. The workshop will be broadcasted on 27 March 2020 from Hyderabad and later hosted on for everyone. Medical experts will conduct this 1-hour workshop covering topics such as preventions and risk, social distancing and community-based measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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STL has also proactively initiated awareness sessions to dispel fallacies about the virus at villages in Dadra and Rakholi, Silvassa. Indian Red Cross doctors are conducting the drives as part of the company’s Mobile Medical Unit CSR program. Tribals are being informed about COVID-19 spread through physical contact and basic etiquette to be followed in the event of a fever, cough or cold. Doctors are even highlighting why ‘hand washing’ is essential to prevent the spread of the virus. The drives are initially being done across 36 locations in Dadra and Rakholi that the Mobile Medical Unit covers and will then continue at other villages in the vicinity. These drives will help ensure that the tribals are aware of the precautions to be taken, get access to quality medical care to treat any symptoms and address any panic situation.

Highlighting the need for this initiative, Anjali Byce, CHRO, STL said, “COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global challenge to humanity. It is continuously evolving, and we are yet to gauge its final impact on society and the economy. We must control this pandemic in every way possible. Through this awareness program, we aim to connect with the community and intensify awareness to contain COVID-19. We also thank our partners- TSSC, IESC, TASK and Indian Red Cross in supporting us for this genuine cause. Together, let us fight this battle and come out shining at the end of it.”

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“This awareness drive is to ensure and educate people on how to keep themselves and their families safe from the impact of Coronavirus. As the government is also trying to explore all possible solutions to deal with this situation, organisations need to come forward to spread maximum awareness to control the spread of the virus in the country. Project Savdhaan is one such initiative by STL, and we are delighted to partner them”, said Arvind Bali, CEO Telecom Skill Sector Council.

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