Study – Analytics Workforce in India for Top 15 Companies

Multinational corporations leverage the offshore advantage of countries like India by setting up Captive Centers in these countries and pooling in resources to work for them. We looked into 15 big international firms with captive presence in India. Below is a snapshot of how analytics spans out across worldwide and India.

Ps: this analysis is a rough estimate and does not include outsourced contracts to third parties.

Overall, these 15 firms have 3% of their total workforce dedicated to analytics. Dot coms like Amazon (6%) and Google (9%) have a higher quota devoted to analytics functions. On the other hand, banking firms have lesser percentage of their workforce into analytics. This goes against conventional knowledge given financial services were the first adopters of analytics. Yet, this number should be looked against the massive headcount that typical financial firms employ.

These 15 firms employ 18% of their worldwide workforce in India. IT service providers top the chart – Accenture at 31% and IBM at 26%. IT product companies employ much lower percentage – Google at 9%, SAS at 4% and Microsoft at 8%. Financial firms with no local presence also employ lesser percentage employees in India – Citi at 4%, Bank of America 8% and Fidelity at 12%. HSBC having robust India operations employ 21% of their worldwide workforce in India.

On an average, these 15 firms employ 13% of their worldwide analytics workforce in India. This is lower than 18% of worldwide employee strength, which is based out of India. Thus there is an upside of 5% in analytics strength in India for these firms.

Firms that top the chart with highest number of analytics professional in India are HSBC (31%), HP (30%), Dell and Accenture (each 22%). Firms with greatest downside parity (i.e. % of Analytics Professional in India is less than % of Total Workforce in India) are Accenture (22% vs 31%), Oracle (13% vs 22%), IBM (12% vs 26%) and Amazon (12% vs 16%).  Almost half, i.e. 8 of these 15 firms have downside parity in analytics professionals in India.

Average work experience of Analytics Professionals in India employed by these 15 firms is 7.5 years.

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Bhasker Gupta
Bhasker is a Data Science evangelist and practitioner with proven record of thought leadership and incubating analytics practices for various organizations. With over 16 years of experience in the area of Business Analytics, he is well recognized as an expert within the industry. Earlier, Bhasker worked as Vice President at Goldman Sachs. He is B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

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