Supercharged Analytics Platform Teradata Vantage Looks To Break Down Data Silos In Enterprises

Teradata CTO Stephen Brobst speaking at the Teradata Analytics Universe.

Government departments all over the world, especially in India have a huge amount of scattered data. The government, like any other large operation in the technology sector, needs a platform which can deliver a common data strategy and drive analytics to serve their customers and users better. With this in mind, the Rajasthan government has partnered with Teradata to create a common data and analytics platform for all government departments across the state.

This project aims to build services that collate many databases and deliver a 360-degree citizens’ view and solve their grievances. Eligibility of beneficiaries for schemes, easy tracking of beneficiaries, fraud detection, enhanced citizen engagement and sentiment analytics of citizens, are some of the services.

Break Down Silos: The Vantage Strategy

The thought behind Teradata Vantage has been to bring down data silos in large organisations and provide a single comprehensive data strategy. Teradata Vantage promises to bring multiple data sources on one platform and also bring many technologies under one umbrella by giving a plug and play service. Talking to Analytics India Magazine, Chad Meley, Vice President of AI and Analytical Solutions at Teradata said, “Our customers certainly have valued the core Teradata technology very highly. Their feedback has been that there were many data silos. With Teradata Vantage they would have the power to collect the data at one place and open it up with modern architectures like API and microservices.”

One of the prime examples of Teradata’s customer putting faith in the new platform is Siemens Healthineers which has around 6,00,000 installed products all around the world and is responsible for more than 70% of critical clinical decisions. They use Teradata Vantage to power clinical decision making which leverages around 240,000 patient touch points, including rich sensor data.

Teradata SVP Chris Twogood speaking at the Teradata Analytics Universe.

Teradata Vantage may soon make waves in the Indian enterprise ecosystem. Yasmeen Ahmad, director of Customer Excellence for Teradata told Analytics India Magazine said that the Indian market presents a lot of opportunities to marketers to target customers and gain massive improvements in the bottomline. She also talked about the trends of geospatial analytics being adopted on a big scale in India.

The Customer Experience

John Carpenter, VP at SiriumXM said that since the adoption of Teradata Vantage their company has seen the time for certain tasks to go down drastically. Speaking during the general session at Teradata Analytics Universe he highlighted that Teradata has reduced time to get their services to the market while lowering their costs at a large scale.

Interacting with Analytics India Magazine on the sidelines of Teradata Analytics Universe, Stephen Brobst who heads technology at Teradata talked about their Indian strategy. He said, “The Indian market has lots of data so we are the best choice because we handle large data better than anyone. Our goal is to bring Indian customers into advanced analytics because they are overwhelmed with so much data.”


Teradata has also put a singular focus on building a platform that can work with any kind of data. The Vantage platform works with multiple types of data, formats and heterogeneous data stores further bringing data together under a single platform. Reema Potdar, Executive Vice President in charge of Product Development for Teradata says, “Vantage is a product built for everyone but can adapt to many of the Indian use cases. I believe it can go in a long way to improve operational efficiencies in Indian hospitals. Teradata is being used by many large companies who have their innovation offices set up in India and hence our products do have a global effect through our India based clients”

Talking about the difference between the Indian and Western analytics markets, Ahmad said, “Western countries like the UK are already a huge market for voice assistants whereas India still hasn’t reached there.” This points out the fact that Indian enterprises would not be able to market their solutions through voice assistants just yet and would have to wait for the voice market to evolve in India.

Teradata Vantage is a departure from closed analytical products that have clogged the market but would have strong competition from niche and open source tools and products data scientists and business executives have grown used to over the years.

Disclaimer: The writer is in Las Vegas on the invite of Teradata India

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