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Swedish Digital Identity Company Rolls Out New Platform for Aadhaar Security

Swedish Digital Identity Company Rolls Out New Platform for Aadhaar Security

Akshaya Asokan

Dousing the fire revolving Aadhaar security and privacy concern, Sweden-based company, Identity Devices has brought out an added layer of security to safeguard citizen’s data through its new privacy platform.

The company’s Biometric Privacy Platform consists of authentication hardware and software for the Aadhaar ecosystem and grants citizens complete right over their data, which includes crucial information such as picture, name, address, mobile number and more. By doing so, the company claims that the platform will facilitate ease of convenience, personal privacy and data security, it said in a statement.

The development comes in the wake of increasing security breaches surrounding Aadhaar, government’s digital archive for storing citizen’s biometrics and personal information.

By adding privacy and consumer-choice layer on top of Aadhaar online and offline authentication modes, the platform will enable greater data security, privacy, consent, and confidentiality, it said.

The platform which is also compliant with Aadhaar act, The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) requirements and other government policies revolving biometric authentication, can be installed into any device. The inbuilt authentication features within it will further enable citizens to make choices at the time of each authentication event.

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Reinstating the importance of complete right over individual’s data in something as big as Aadhaar,  David Burnett, CEO and Founder, Identity Devices said, “Identity Devices is committed to the principle that individuals should have power over their personal data, what and when to share it, and how it is used. This principle can have no better validation than when it is applied to the Aadhaar user. The solutions offered by Identity Devices will make it easier than ever before for Digital Identity, IoT and FinTech device makers to add biometric features that allow them to connect more securely to popular authentication and identity ecosystems.”


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