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Tableau Makes Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Data Available In Its Data Resource Hub

Tableau Makes Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Data Available In Its Data Resource Hub

Ambika Choudhury

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dataset is one of the most cited open COVID-19 dataset where the data is pulled from various sources such as WHO, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other such. 

Recently, in a blog post, Tableau announced that they created a free Covid19 Data Resource Hub which will help to make confident decisions with data. According to sources, Director of Public Affairs at Tableau, Steve Schwartz and Tableau’s Corporate Communications Manager,  Sarah Goehri said that with the company’s establishment of Tableau Foundation, it now has a track record of working with data sets surrounding global health subject matter and it found that the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 data is difficult to work within its raw form. This is why the data visualisation platform did the necessary data engineering task and make the data accessible to everyone. 

In the Covid19 Data Resource Hub, the integrated data will be available in various formats such as .hyper, .tde, Google Sheet and CSV formats. The platform has also introduced a Starter Dashboard based on the consolidated data and made it available for the community on Tableau public.  

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The data visualisation includes animations, which helps practitioners get a deeper understanding of growth rates, prevention strategies, and more. The dashboard is designed to be connected real-time to provide at minimum daily updates during the pandemic so that organisations and businesses can learn what to expect and help support mitigation protocols while still serving the communities. 

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