How Google will Change Search Forever

In Google’s Q3 earnings report, Search was the largest contributor to its 11% revenue growth. Now with search generative experience, it is only going to get better

Why OpenAI Partnered with G42

While AI companies are busy competing with each other, OpenAI and G42 have formed a first-of-its-kind partnership to work together

Why AI’s to be Blamed for Layoffs

Not really. It is important to stress that AI is a helpful tool which will reduce the number of jobs that require repetition and can be automated.

[Exclusive] Sridhar Vembu Calls AI a Bubble

“There is definitely an AI bubble” said Vembu, citing the hype around SaaS, crypto, and others, and how the excitement around AI is settling down among enterprises in the past two to three months

Top 5 Papers Presented by Meta at ICCV

The event focuses on research in computer vision spanning diverse topics such as image and video processing, object detection, motion estimation, 3D vision and more.