The Persistent Problem Of Cultural Discrimination In AI Datasets

The Persistent Problem Of Cultural Discrimination In AI Datasets

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University recently conducted an NLP study on social biases present in Bollywood and Hollywood using their AI tool. Subtitles from 700 films were gathered for each industry and analysed, representing seven decades of cultural evolution. The AI tool was trained to complete sentences after learning from the subtitles and progressed to […]

Pre-Pandemic Facial Recognition Algorithms Falter In The Presence Of Masks

“Even the best of the 89 commercial facial recognition algorithms tested had error rates between 5% and 50%.” The ongoing pandemic has established many uncomfortable norms in every corner of the world. Wearing masks is one such norm that has been embraced by many, reluctantly. Now the question is, what happens to those facial recognition […]

Is AI’s Bias Algorithm Affecting the Education System

As we move forward with the current technological revolution, reading artificial intelligence’s name being mentioned in every sector of life might not be surprising anymore. Whatever human beings have their hands on, artificial intelligence (AI) will be right behind them, why wouldn’t it? Artificial Intelligence learns from human beings to make their life easier. One […]

Top AI-Based Attacks That Shocked the World In 2019

Artificial Intelligence is still learning and getting stronger each day. But the pros and cons for the technology have always been in the limelight. From its use for data breaches to deepfakes, 2019 has shown us that AI is here to stay, but not without putting a price on our comfort. 2019, like the previous […]