Top 10 Scala Libraries For Data Science

Scala or Scalable language is an extension of Java language which runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is one of the de facto languages when it comes to playing practically with Big Data. This statically-typed language serves as an important tool for the data scientists because it supports both anonymous functions as well as […]

Python Vs Scala: Which Language Is Best Suited For Data Analytics?

Python and Scala are two of the most popular languages used in data science and analytics. These languages provide great support in order to create efficient projects on emerging technologies. In this article, we list down the differences between these two popular languages. Python  Python continues to be the most popular language in the industry. […]

4 Programming Languages Every Big Data Enthusiast Must Ace

Every programming language has its own set of features. If one wants to pioneer in any particular domain of technology, it is very crucial to have a strong command over any programming language. Coding can be said as the most initial and primary thing in a developer’s toolkit. It is widely known that Python is […]

Top 5 Alternatives to Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook, popularly known as Jupyter among data science aficionados, is an open-source interactive coding application which allows the user/programmer a plethora of options such as testing code, equations, data visualisations, text and many more, using the Python programming language. Primarily used for data visualisation, Jupyter is flexible and supports most of the popular programming […]