Top 5 Inductive Biases In Deep Learning Models

The learning algorithms mostly use some mechanisms or assumptions by either putting some restrictions on the space of hypotheses or can be said as the underlying model space. This mechanism is known as the Inductive Bias or Learning Bias.  This mechanism encourages the learning algorithms to prioritise solutions with specific properties. In simple words, learning […]

What Does It Take To Set Up An Overseas Data Science Company in India?

What Does It Take To Set Up An Overseas Data Science Company in India?

In the early days of the IT revolution, India was looked at only as an outsourcing destination — cost naturally being the prevailing factor. The IT adoption in India was slow, and people would hardly use any software themselves, even though they were making it.  Now that everything is digital, it gets consumed unknowingly. This […]

A Complete Learning Path To Web Scraping (With All Major Tools)

The history of web scraping is very long; In 1989 the World Wide Web(WWW) was launched and after some years  World Wide Web Wanderer: The first Perl based web robot was created by Matthew Gray at MIT, the purpose of this web crawler is to measure the size of the World Wide Web. While the […]

Interview With Aleksa Gordić, Machine Learning Engineer At Microsoft

“There are too many ML resources out there and so many people suffer from decision paralysis.” For this week’s ML practitioner’s series, we got in touch with AI Epiphany founder, Aleksa Gordić. He is a machine learning engineer from Serbia and works at Microsoft. In this interview, he shares some excerpts from his vibrant journey […]

Top Data Science & AI Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

The year 2020 was full of unexpected challenges. Having said that, it also served as a unique opportunity to leverage technology on multiple fronts. From adopting it in various industries such as retail, eCommerce and others, to adopting it to ensure the safety of employees in work from home scenarios, and improving consumer experiences, the […]

15 Latest Data Science Job Openings To Apply Right Now

This week, we have come up with yet another article curating a list of job openings for data scientists from last week.  Data Scientist – Advanced Analytics at IBM Location: Mumbai Responsibilities: Develop models using technologies like SAS e-Miner, base SAS, standard SAS PROCs, etc. Provide programming support of ad-hoc requests and special projects as […]

Top Data Science Education Initiatives By Institutions In 2020

While normal education suffered a standstill in 2020, there were a lot of online courses and programs that were initiated by some of the most prestigious institutions as well as big tech giants so that the process of learning and skill development doesn’t suffer. As the trend has been for a few years now, some […]