How FMCW Is Transforming Lidar Technology

How FMCW Is Transforming Lidar Technology

Aurora Innovations, an autonomous vehicle company, based out of Silicon Valley, recently announced its acquisition of OURS Technology for an undisclosed amount. The latter is a startup founded by a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, specialising in Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and ‘lidar-on-a-chip’. This is Aurora’s second acquisition of a […]

China’s Demand For Autonomous Driving Technology Is Growing Fast

autonomous cars

With the continuous adoption and promotion of technologies such as AI and 5G in the automotive field, autonomous driving is something many companies are trying to achieve in the near future. With the relaxation of laws and regulations on autonomous vehicles and the continuous landing of autonomous driving technologies and products, the global autonomous vehicle […]

Scale AI Launches PandaSet To Promote Urban Driving Situations

Recently, the data platform for AI, Scale AI launched one of the popular large scale datasets for autonomous driving, PandaSet. According to the Scale AI team, this dataset is the first open-source dataset made available for both academic and commercial use. Amid the pandemic, the collaboration in AI and research communities have witnessed a spike […]

Why Haven’t Companies Delivered On Their Autonomous Driving Promise

Autonomous cars delayed

Elon Musk promised us that automated vehicles would be on the streets in 2019, he made this claim back in 2017. And it wasn’t only him, other companies also promised autonomous cars and failed to deliver. The vision of self-driving cars has encountered a lot of pitfalls, and with them not being on the roads […]

After Apple, Facebook Unveiled It’s Enhanced Self-Play Algorithm For Autonomous Cars

Standard Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL) methods usually concentrate on the self-play (SP) setting where the strategies are being constructed by playing the game with themselves repeatedly. However, there may occur an error in some cases such as autonomous driving cars, cooperative game playing, among others.  Applying the Self-Play method to zero-shot coordination problem can produce […]

After Lyft, Waymo Open Sources Self-Driving Dataset To The Public

Alphabet’s autonomous driving subsidiary Waymo is one of the most promising players in the self-driving market. From joining hands with other car manufacturers to offering general public rides in early rider program, Waymo is pushing hard to make an autonomous reality in public. Yesterday, Waymo open-sourced high-quality multimodal sensor dataset for autonomous driving. The dataset […]