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How to Learn From Streaming Data with Creme in Python?

The data which is generated continuously in an incremental manner from different sources can be considered as the streaming data.

The Axis Bank-Manipal School of Data Analytics Announced For BFSI Personnel

Axis Bank has been increasing its digital infrastructure investments to provide smart and secure digital banking solutions to its institutional and individual customers.

Interview With Mohit Pant, Senior Director, PayPal

“Analytics wasn’t a very common term when I started, and it was tough to explain to people what I do for a living. That has changed, with analytics now becoming a coveted job.”

What Does It Take To Maintain Cost-Efficient Open-Source Platforms For Data Hungry Organisations

Today, many big data companies are founded on these open-source projects. But with scale comes cost.

Tax Fraud
Millionaire Street Vendors: Big Data Helps Bust Tax Fraud In Kanpur

Transparent Taxation Platform uses data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) against tax fraud and tax evaders.

How To Create Interactive Public Dashboards And Storylines In Tableau?

An increase in data analytics and data integration has made way for more specialized visual analytical tools. Typically files like excel spreadsheets are very good with analytics and visualization, but it has limitations like it can not handle big data, which is our main concern. On the other hand, specialised software leverages easy operation on both static and dynamic data, computational speed, self-service function, and interactive visualization facilitate users to pull up a report or dashboard or storyline and freely deep dive to granular levels of information. 

How To Process Humongous Datasets Using Vaex?

Vaex is a Python library for Out-of-Core DataFrames and helps to load, visualize and explore big tabular datasets. It can aid in calculating statistical operations such as mean, sum, count, standard deviation etc., on an N-dimensional grid, up to a billion rows per second.

What Is Microsoft’s Project Alexandria?

Studies show that inefficiencies in knowledge searching can adversely affect enterprise performance and productivity.

Data Mesh
Data Mesh: Moving Away From Monolithic & Centralised Data Lakes

Data mesh marks an architectural and organisational shift in the way enterprises manage big data.

The Role Of Statistics In The Era Of Big Data?

Techniques in AI/ML have made great advances and it is a great exploratory step. But for now, it has not matured enough to reach an inferential step.

How This Indian Fertilizer Firm Is Using Geospatial Data
How Big Data Analytics & AI Can Help Boost Bee Populations

The veracity of a popular claim – often attributed to Albert Einstein – that mankind…

Can AI & Big Data Help Prevent The Next Global Pandemic?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has shown much promise in augmenting human capabilities in healthcare, particularly in…