Trust Issues: Is AI Black Box Creating A Black Future?

AI Black Box Creating A Black Future

The rise of automation and the emergence of artificial intelligence in the field of decision making has been on the receiving end of severe critics in the last few years, where businesses and people have not been able to fully trust the technology it’s operating on. The key reason behind such mistrust is the AI’s […]

8 Explainable AI Frameworks Driving A New Paradigm For Transparency In AI 

Due to the ambiguity in Deep Learning solutions, there has been a lot of talk about how to make explainability inclusive of an ML pipeline. Explainable AI  refers to methods and techniques in the application of artificial intelligence technology (AI) such that the results of the solution can be understood by human experts. It contrasts […]

Does It Matter If Neural Networks Memorize Data Unintentionally? 

The privacy issues posed by the deployment of machine learning models are garnering a lot of attention nowadays. The data used to train the model is being exploited or has the potential to be exploited. It can be training of an NLP model using emails or training of a convolutional neural network using images.   These […]

How Loss Change Allocation For Machine Learning Training Can Aid Transparency

Whether it is the market crash or a wrong diagnosis, the after-effects will be certainly irreversible. Hence, tracking the development of machine learning algorithm throughout its life cycle becomes crucial. Neural network activations have an underlying compositional, combinatorial structure.  Visualising the behaviour of neural networks has been of great interest lately for two reasons — […]

Will IBM’s Latest AI Toolkit Set The Path Towards Explainable AI?

There are certain times when researchers and neural net builders fail to explain what’s going on behind the black box. For instance, deep neural networks, large ensemble models, among others have been achieving significant accuracies but these algorithms lack the explanation behind the decisions.  Who doesn’t like to get a clear explanation of a complex […]

Is Explainable AI The Next Big Evolutionary Trend In Artificial Intelligence?

Advancements in technologies over the years have created explosions in the field of artificial intelligence. Today in this modern computing era, AI is not only redefining jobs, but it’s redefining careers. AI  has some other branches that many are not aware of (except the techies), and explainable AI is one of them. In this article, […]

Should Black Box Data Be Stored In The Cloud?

Have you ever heard of a Black Box in an aeroplane — the most crucial part of an aeroplane. When a plane crash is suspected, a black box is one of the first things that investigators search for. The black box has two parts — the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder. And […]

Making sense of ‘Black Box’ in Artificial Intelligence — should we trust AI completely?

Neural networks, machine learning algorithms, and other subsets of AI are finding their way into several critical domains, which include healthcare, transportation, law, and more. And AI algorithms are affecting people’s lives in more ways than one, from credit scoring to loan disbursal to skewed image matching. With newer developments around the field, researchers are […]