What’s More Secure: Blockchain Or Database?

Data storage options database and blockchain are architecturally different and come with their own sets of advantages, vulnerabilities, and challenges.  On the one hand, database storage is based on client-server-based architecture and can function in small and large scale environments. Under database storage, the client acts as a receiver, and servers– the data storage place– […]

What Toshiba’s Investment In AI And Quantum Cryptography Means For The Company

toshiba japan ai investments

Having given up the nuclear project in the US, the Japanese multinational conglomerate reported an operating profit for fiscal 2019, which tripled in the year to 130.5 billion yen. At the same time, the group has dropped some core operations, including the memory chip business and emphasised back to its core strength of industrial applications […]

What Role Do Cryptographic Hash Functions Play In Web Security?

Cryptographic Hash Functions Security

A cryptographic hash function is an algorithm which can be executed on data, like a file or a password, to create a value called a checksum. A hash function takes an input, or a message and returns with a fixed-size string of bytes. Any data can be hashed, regardless of its size or type and […]

Quantum-Proof Cryptography & Its Role In Security

With almost all the tech giants and academia working for the advancement of quantum computing, the day is not far when researchers will be using quantum computers for their works. Quantum algorithms have been achieving a potential speed-up for quite a few years now.  Also, interest in the areas of quantum computing and quantum-resistant cryptography […]

Google Turns To Cryptography To Ensure Data Privacy

From ID cards to diagnosis, the availability of personal data has never been this high. Google, in a move to fortify its stance towards data privacy, open sources a new tool Private Join and Compute. With Private Join and Compute, Google goes old school with cryptography by combining two fundamental cryptographic techniques to protect individual […]

Meet Subhash Kak, AI Visionary & Inventor Of Quantum Neural Computing Who Won The Padma Shri

Subhash Kak, one of the biggest names in cryptography and neural network worldwide, recently accepted the Padma Shri award in the field of science and engineering. He is known for proposing ground-breaking advancements in artificial intelligence, cryptography and quantum computing. The Indian-American scientist was chosen for the award from a list of nearly 50,000 nominations. […]

How The Arrival Of Quantum Internet Will Change The Face Of World Wide Web

According to experts, quantum internet might not replace the classical internet but will enhance it. And after 5G, the next wave of technological advancement is going to be quantum internet. Quantum Vs Classical Internet In this article, we list down the differences between quantum internet and classical internet.   Signals: The classical internet today uses […]

What Happens Once Quantum Computers Replace Traditional Binary Computers

“In classical computers, you give me a certain input, I put it in my computer, I give you an output. But if our hardware was quantum mechanical, rather than just sequentially providing some input and reading out the answers, I could prepare the computer register in the quantum superpositions of many different kinds of inputs.” […]