Hands-on Guide to OpenAI’s CLIP – Connecting Text To Images

OpenAI has designed its new neural network architecture CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pretraining) for Learning Transferable Visual Models From Natural Language Supervision.

Guide To Google’s AudioSet Datasets With Implementation in PyTorch

AudioSet Dataset is developed by the Google Sound and Video Understanding team. The core member of the AudioSet Dataset is Jort Florent Gemmeke.

Guide To FreeSound Datasets With Implementation In PyTorch

The FreeSound is a hierarchical collection of sound classes of more than 600 and has filled them with the audio samples of 297,144.

Guide To VoxCeleb Datasets For Audio-Visual of Human Speech

Guide To VoxCeleb Datasets For Visual-Audio of Human Speech.

Most Benchmarked Datasets in Neural Sentiment Analysis With Implementation in PyTorch and TensorFlow

With the expanding prominence of blogging sites, a massive number of clients share reviews on various parts of life consistently. Therefore popular sites like Amazon, Twitter are rich wellsprings of information for opinion mining and sentiment analysis.Sentiment analysis is a technique in natural language processing that deals with the order of assessments communicated in a bit of text.

Most Popular Datasets For Neural Textual Entailment With Implementation In PyTorch And Tensorflow

Textual entailment is a technique in natural language processing that endeavors to perceive whether one sentence can be inferred from another sentence. A pair of sentences are categorized into one of three categories: positive or negative or neutral.

Most Popular Datasets for Question Classification

Questions Classification assumes a significant part in question answering systems, with one of the most important steps in the enhancement of the classification process being the identification of question types. The main aim of question classification is to anticipate the substance kind of the appropriate response of a natural language processing. Question order is regularly done using machine learning procedures.

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