5 Python Unit Test Frameworks To Learn In 2019

Testing applications have become a necessary skill set to become a proficient developer today. The Python community supports testing and the Python standard library has well-built tools to support testing. In the Python environment, there are abundant testing tools to handle the complex testing needs. Unittest Inspired by the JUnit framework and having similar characteristics, […]

Top 5 Python Libraries And Packages For Numeric And Scientific Applications

One of the key features of Python is its numerous libraries and packages. In this article, we will list down the popular packages and libraries in Python that are being widely used for numeric and scientific applications. (The list is in no particular order). 1| SciPy (Scientific Numeric Library) Officially released in 2000-01, SciPy is […]

Can Learning Python Alone Lead To A Viable Data Science Career Path?

The market demand for Python in India is high, and according to our Analytics and Data Science Jobs study, 2018, Python saw the biggest jump this year. It replaced R as the most in-demand analytics tool. In our earlier interview with Edge Networks’s Raja Sekhar Pappala, the most sought-after skill in the data science field […]