Myths And Realities In The Quest For Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was created and used for the first time in the mid-1940s. However, it was not until 1956 that it was formally used for the first time in a small gathering attended by some psychologists, physiologists and computer scientists. Since its inception, AI has had some successes in enabling computers to […]

Leveraging Human Intelligence & Automation To Drive Business Outcomes Of Choice

Leveraging Human Intelligence & Automation To Drive Business Outcomes Of Choice

The human brain is known to rely on heterogeneous data associations to enable computational functions. Looking at a granular level, the brain is seen as a control center, and with every lobe comprising billions of cells work together to ensure what is perceived is conceptualized into thoughts and translated into actions. While the left lobe […]

How Is Voot Using Computer Vision To Scale-up Their Offerings

One of the interesting areas where computer vision is being explored is the video streaming platform. Video streaming has become one of the most important fields in the last decade, especially with the lockdown that has resulted in an increased viewership on these platforms than ever before.  To boost the user experience a lot of […]

Can Machine Learning Be Deployed For Cancer Detection On A Large Scale?

Machine learning applications in healthcare have been there for a while. Research has been consistently evolving and more areas have been expanded under this umbrella. It is not only being used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but also in the intricacies of several other human conditions. The union of medical knowledge with machine […]

Machines That Don’t Kill: How Reinforcement Learning Can Solve Moral Uncertainties

“Empathy, evidently, existed only within the human community, whereas intelligence to some degree could be found throughout every phylum.” ― Philip K. Dick Moral dilemmas are a part of human nature. Though the actions can be condensed to simple yes or no checkboxes, the intentions however, fall in an intangible gray area, which is very […]

Amid Mass Layoffs, Will Large Scale Automation Emerge Sooner Than Expected In India?


Social media timelines have been saturated with news of layoffs across industries. While the Covid-19 effect is being felt by companies across the spectrum, startups have taken the biggest hit. In fact, two of India’s fastest growing unicorns – Ola and Swiggy – have cumulatively laid off 2,500 employees just this week. While organisational restructuring […]

Tech Mahindra Leverages Artificial Intelligence To Research On Potential Therapeutic Drugs For COVID-19

Tech Mahindra Leverages Artificial Intelligence To Research On Potential Therapeutic Drugs For COVID-19

Tech Mahindra’s research and development unit — Makers Lab has started leveraging artificial intelligence to conduct research and find potential therapeutic drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. According to their release, Testimony of a strong synergy amongst academia, businesses and independent researchers to fight a global pandemic, Tech Mahindra is also collaborating with renowned bio-scientist […]

How Is Machine Learning Helping Build Space Rockets

We have seen machine learning transforming every field that it touches. The field of manufacturing, too, has witnessed many applications of data-driven solutions. Building rockets is unlike any other manufacturing job. For example, the cost and time it takes to build a decent rocket engine require a multitude of variables. These variables influence how stable […]

Top Machine Learning Projects Launched By Google In 2020 (Till Date)

It may be that time of the year when new year resolutions start to fizzle, but Google seems to be just getting started.The tech giant has been building tools and services to bring in the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to its users. The company has begun upping its arsenal of AI-powered products with a […]

Reskilling At Scale: How To Prepare For The Age Of Artificial Intelligence?

Wipro Reskilling

Taking inspiration from organisations like Wipro, it is the need of the hour to urge the workforce to focus reskilling, secure learning tools and create customised learning plans.  Artificial intelligence is set to disrupt the job market for all types of industries, changing the way we run our operations, businesses, and dealing with existing or […]

Can Deepfakes Be Used For The Good Of Humanity?

Deepfakes, an unknown word in the traditional dictionary, has found a morbid meaning in today’s world of technology and media. Everyone in today’s era of AI revolution has heard of deepfakes and has heard about the worst of it. Be it Obama’s public service announcement deepfake or Zuckerberg’s ‘truth’ about privacy on Facebook video, deepfake […]

How Zendrive Is On A Mission To Make Roads Safer Using Artificial Intelligence

pankaj risbood zendrive

More than 1,50,000 people are killed in road collisions each year in India, which amounts to 400 deaths per day. If one were to ask if deadly road collisions can be avoided with technology, and the answer is yes. One such company is Zendrive which offers its technology solutions to make driving safer for users […]