Can Artificial Intelligence Really Flag Fake News? New Research Says No

Fake news can be used for social media campaigns with an aim to disseminate propaganda. The issue has intensified in the last five years as digital journalism has gathered strength. Experts have identified the issue of fake news as a big challenge due to their high distribution and consumption rate on social media.  Companies like […]

6 Ways A Machine Learning Practitioner Can Counter The Deepfake Epidemic 

“Deepfake” techniques today are capable of producing artificial intelligence-generated videos of real people doing fictional things or fictional people doing real things. Their applications are being invented along the way ever since the success of GANs. The deep learning community is still partially clueless about the outcomes of the existing malicious content. That is why, […]

How Loss Change Allocation For Machine Learning Training Can Aid Transparency

Whether it is the market crash or a wrong diagnosis, the after-effects will be certainly irreversible. Hence, tracking the development of machine learning algorithm throughout its life cycle becomes crucial. Neural network activations have an underlying compositional, combinatorial structure.  Visualising the behaviour of neural networks has been of great interest lately for two reasons — […]

Can Artificial Intelligence Remove Tax Compliance Inefficiencies In India?

Tax India

There could also be a number of challenges that tax authorities in India may face when using artificial intelligence. These can include the need to balance centralisation of tax assessment with on-ground experience, uncertainties around being able to develop models which deliver a positive impact on performance, the varying range of choices in AI solutions, […]

India To Implement Faceless Tax Assessment Using Artificial Intelligence By Oct

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman this week announced that India will be using artificial intelligence and machine learning in the tax assessment process system from October 2019. In doing, so, India will become one of the first countries to adopt emerging tech on such a large scale in public tax assessment. The Steering Committee on […]

How Machine Learning-Aided VR Is Helping Neurosurgeons Train Better

With improved accessibility to new technologies, there has never been a better time to include a plethora of studies into the field of artificial intelligence. It has the potential to pave the way for developing tools that can serve the clinicians and researchers greatly with effective training. One such ingenious utility emerged out of the […]

Teaching Artificial Intelligence To Connect Senses Like Vision And Touch

MIT CSAIL system can learn to see by touching and feel by seeing, suggesting future where robots can more easily grasp and recognize objects. In Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s book “The Blind Assassin,” she says that “touch comes before sight, before speech. It’s the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” While […]

Behind The Code: IIT Delhi Alum Puneet Agarwal Is On A Mission To Humanize AI

When Puneet Agarwal graduated from IIT Delhi in 2008, the term machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) was not known to many. It was long before ML and AI became industry buzzwords. In fact, IIT Delhi, which presently boasts of developments in the field of AI and ML,  didn’t have a faculty in the […]