8 Machine Learning Frameworks Java Developers Must Try In 2019

Almost all organisations are adopting emerging technologies such as machine learning and data science. These machine learning frameworks are meant for the developers who work using Java language. In this article, we list you 8 machine learning frameworks for Java developers. (The list is in alphabetical order) 1| Apache SAMOA Apache Scalable Advanced Massive Online […]

4 Programming Languages Every Big Data Enthusiast Must Ace

Every programming language has its own set of features. If one wants to pioneer in any particular domain of technology, it is very crucial to have a strong command over any programming language. Coding can be said as the most initial and primary thing in a developer’s toolkit. It is widely known that Python is […]

5 Programming Languages In Fintech That’ll Earn You The Fattest Paycheck

  The Indian banking sector has embraced emerging technologies that are disrupting the financial landscape. Leading Indian banks such as SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank, Yes Bank and ICICI Bank have taken the lead in deepening their tech stack. Today, banks hire thousands of technologists and have prioritised IT hiring over other divisions. IT professionals with […]

10 Best Libraries For Implementing Machine Learning In Java

Skills in machine learning and deep learning are one of the hottest ones in the new tech world right now, and companies are constantly on a lookout for programmers with good knowledge of ML. Java is definitely one of the most popular languages after Python and has become a norm for implementing ML algorithm these […]