8 Free Python Courses For Data Scientists In 2021

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According to the TIOBE Index for July 2021, Python is the third most popular programming language. Between the most popular C, and Python, the difference is only 0.67 percent. The report further adds that Python has the best chances of becoming the #1 owing to its market leadership in data mining and artificial intelligence.  Additionally, […]

Story of Gradient Boosting: How It Evolved Over Years

Between October and December 2016, Kaggle organised a competition with over 3,000 participants, competing to predict the loss value associated with American insurance company Allstate. In 2017, Google scholar Alexy Noskov won the second position in the competition. In a blog post on Kaggle, Noskov walked readers through his work. The primary models he employed […]

Kaggle Reportedly Hit With A Leaderboard Bug

(31/12/2020: This article has been updated with statement provided to us by Google’s spokesperson) An ongoing competition’s data on Kaggle is reportedly exposed. Experts on the platform are calling it a “data breach”. “I am not sure if it is the right leaderboard, but I am able to see my private leaderboard rank,” wrote one […]

Interview With Kaggle Master Hiroki Yamamoto

For this week’s ML practitioner’s series, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Hiroki Yamamoto (tereka), a Kaggle Master. Hiroki is currently working as a data scientist and is ranked in the top 100 of the world’s largest platforms for data science competitions– Kaggle. In this interview, Hiroki shares his experience of competing on Kaggle […]

Tips To Ace Your First Machine Learning Hackathon

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Imagine a sprint-like event, where anybody, right from the industry’s who’s who to a novice college graduate working in collaboration with their respective teams to create a functioning solution for the problem at hand.  Hackathons are truly such electric events that form the breeding ground for such brilliant tech solutions. It also sometimes prove to […]

A Self Taught Machine Learning Engineer: Interview With Kaggle Master Eugene Khvedchenya

“Machine learning is to businesses today what petrol engines were to horses back then.”  For this week’s ML practitioner’s series, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Eugene Khvedchenya from Ukraine. Eugene is a Kaggle master and is currently ranked 104 on the global leaderboard. He has more than 10 years of experience in developing […]

Interview With Kaggle Master Khoi Nguyen

“My Kaggle journey took a lot of time, effort, computing power, frustration and sleepless nights, but mostly frustration.” For this week’s ML practitioners series, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Khoi Nguyen, a Kaggle master who is currently ranked 111 and has won gold in four competitions. In this interview, Khoi shares valuable insights […]

Interview With Kaggle Master Bac Nguyen Xuan

“To be at the top, one has to be aggressive, hardworking and creative.” Bac Nguyen Xuan For this week’s ML practitioner’s series, Analytics India magazine got in touch with Bac Nguyen Xuan, a Kaggle master who is currently ranked 56th in the world. In this interview, Bac talks about the tricks behind his Kaggle success. […]