New Innovations In Image Segmentation For Edge devices

Image segmentation used to require large, compute-intensive neural networks.  Running deep learning models without connecting to cloud or GPU servers was a huge challenge. Now, researchers at DarwinAI and the University of Waterloo have designed a new neural network architecture called ‘AttendSeg,’ that can perform image segmentation on edge or low computational devices.  Image segmentation […]

Top 5 Neural Network Models For Deep Learning & Their Applications

Neural Network Architecture

Neural networks are a series of algorithms that identify underlying relationships in a set of data. These algorithms are heavily based on the way a human brain operates. These networks can adapt to changing input and generate the best result without the requirement to redesign the output criteria. In a way, these neural networks are […]

Inside Multimodal Neural Network Architecture That Has The Power To “Learn It All”

Multimodal machine learning is a multi-disciplinary research field that addresses some of the original goals of artificial intelligence by integrating and modelling multiple communicative modalities, including linguistic, acoustic and visual messages. It is often referred to as building models that can process information from multiple sources. For example, a research paper on multimodal learning by […]