Understanding Reptile: A Scalable Meta-learning Algorithm By OpenAI

With Machine Learning (ML) advancing its frontiers day by day, developing base algorithms to fulfill the needs of self-learning in machines is a challenging task. In meta-learning, as the algorithms encounter a horde of data, they become more prone to providing useful output rather than giving out incomprehensible output. One such algorithm developed by OpenAI, […]

Frozen Lake: Beginners Guide To Reinforcement Learning With OpenAI Gym

Reinforcement learning is a technique in building an artificial intelligent network where an agent is allowed to play or run by itself, correcting its movements and outputs every time it makes a mistake. The computation power and training time required solely depends on the type of problem we are trying to solve by building a […]

AI boom is set to last, it won’t slid into another icy winter

There are many factors at work for the success of Artificial Intelligence.  Recent developments at Google with Google Translate, DeepMind’s victory over Le Sedol in Go, Tesla’s enhanced self-driving hardware , Amazon’s Alexa ushered AI into households and the company is now deepening its ties with academia to build more capabilities. AI-driven products are already […]