5 Python Unit Test Frameworks To Learn In 2019

Testing applications have become a necessary skill set to become a proficient developer today. The Python community supports testing and the Python standard library has well-built tools to support testing. In the Python environment, there are abundant testing tools to handle the complex testing needs. Unittest Inspired by the JUnit framework and having similar characteristics, […]

10 open source Data Science and Big Data applications that are well supported by Linux

Linux has been around since the mid-90s. The operating system has since reached a user base that spans several organizations and countries. The OS is present in phones, cars, refrigerators, and more. Most importantly, the OS finds use for internet and supercomputers making scientific breakthroughs. The operating system has been pretty renowned for managing hardware […]

Is Disco the alternative to Hadoop?

Disco is the latest addition in the growing list of Big Data tools, which allows parallel processing of large amounts of data. Disco was developed in 2008 at Nokia Research Center to address real challenges in handling massive amounts of data and the framework has been actively developed since by Nokia. Disco is used for […]