Will This Statically Typed Language Replace Python

Nim or formerly known as ‘Nimrod’ is a statically-typed open source programming language which combines the speed and memory efficiency of C, an expressive syntax, memory safety and multiple target languages. The language mainly focuses on compile-time mechanisms in various forms to give the programmer the power without compromising runtime efficiency.  Though Nim language is […]

5 Python Unit Test Frameworks To Learn In 2019

Testing applications have become a necessary skill set to become a proficient developer today. The Python community supports testing and the Python standard library has well-built tools to support testing. In the Python environment, there are abundant testing tools to handle the complex testing needs. Unittest Inspired by the JUnit framework and having similar characteristics, […]

10 Top Tech Skills In High Demand In 2019

Data skills continue to be in high demand with enterprises looking to get the most out of their data. With organisations looking to capitalize on their data assets, the role of DevOps engineer, Python programmer, Data Engineers and Machine Learning engineer has become central to enterprises. In this article, we list down the top 10 […]