All You Need To Know About Crypto Ransom Recovery

When ransomware hit the Colonial Pipeline earlier this year, there was a wave of mass hysteria. It was probably the first time that ransomware was going to affect millions of people. The company paid the ransom within a few hours in exchange for a decryption tool to bring back the company’s billing system online. However, […]

Top Cybersecurity Budgets Around The World

Technological advancement has not only given us power to manage everything with a click of a button, but it has also made us vulnerable to many threats online.The unexpected onset of the pandemic and the shift of workspace have led to a rapid increase in cyber-attacks globally.In 2020, there was a huge increase in both […]

Top 8 Ransomware Attacks of 2020 That Shook The Internet

This year, ransomware attacks are one of the most common cyber attacks among organisations. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer system as well as displays messages that demand a price to be paid in order to mitigate the issue. The common types of ransomware include Crypto malware, Maze, Doxware, Scareware, […]

This Cybersecurity Startup Simplifies Endpoint Security With ML Threat Detection. Read To Know How

This Bengaluru-based Cybersecurity Startup Simplifies Endpoint Security With ML Threat Detection. Read To Know How

Today, in the COVID-19 World, working from home has become an accepted corporate culture, giving rise to security challenges across industries. Enterprises are waking up to the importance of cybersecurity, with rising demand for cybersecurity services among businesses. With such a massive need for cybersecurity, many startups are working towards bringing artificial intelligence into the […]

What Led To The Recent CyberAttacks On MongoDB and Elasticsearch Databases

ransomware database

We have seen attacks on misconfigured databases and containers from time to time. In July, more than 20,000 MongoDB databases were impacted after a ransomware campaign that wiped out data and asked admins to send a ransom. In many cases, the databases were found to be without security protocols in place, and even without passwords.  […]

How Vendor Lock-in Works In Analytics And How To Avoid It

vendor lock in analytics

Despite all of the valuable technology products available today on the cloud, many corporations who are considering migrating to the cloud have concerns. And one of the primary issues is vendor lock-in.  For starters, vendor lock-in means a condition where the price of switching to another vendor is so high that the customer is stuck […]