A Comparison of 4 Popular Transfer Learning Models

In our daily routine, we unknowingly perfectly transfer the knowledge of some activity or task to the related one. Whenever we come across a new problem statement or task, first we recognize it and try to apply the relevant experience which results in hassle-free completion of the task.

Amazon’s ResNeSt Surpassed Popular CVPR Award Winner ResNet

Recently, researchers from Amazon and the University of California, Davis introduced ResNeSt, which is a new variant of ResNet. The researchers claimed that this network preserves the overall ResNet structure that is to be used in downstream tasks straightforwardly without any additional computational costs. Improvements of models and networks are one of the trending ways […]

7 Deep Learning Methods Every AI Enthusiast Must Know

Deep Learning has seeped in almost every organisation and their day-to-day activities — right from the health sector to the music industry. This subset of machine learning is expected to reach $28.83 billion and expand at a CAGR of 48.4% during the period of 2018-2023. In this article, we list down seven deep learning methods […]

Why ResNets Are A Major Breakthrough In Image Processing

Deep convolutional networks have led to remarkable breakthroughs in image classification. Driven by the significance of convolutional neural network, the residual network (ResNet) was created. ResNet was designed by Kaiming He in 2015 in a paper titled Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition. In this paper, he discussed a model built by his team which […]