4 Programming Languages Every Big Data Enthusiast Must Ace

Every programming language has its own set of features. If one wants to pioneer in any particular domain of technology, it is very crucial to have a strong command over any programming language. Coding can be said as the most initial and primary thing in a developer’s toolkit. It is widely known that Python is […]

Microsoft’s ADF Automates Data Movement & Transformation Without Coding

In the world of data and technology, unorganised data ends up in relational, non-relational and other storage systems. But raw data does not have a content appropriate enough to provide with relevant, important information that the people in the data science team can grasp and learn from. Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a cloud-based […]

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn In 2019

Software development limitless possibilities with more numerous programming languages being released day by day to learn. It is completely dependent on aspirant criteria to learn programming languages which suites their need or the organisation they work for. In this article, we list 5 programming languages that are recommended for 2019 and the importance of these […]

10 open source Data Science and Big Data applications that are well supported by Linux

Linux has been around since the mid-90s. The operating system has since reached a user base that spans several organizations and countries. The OS is present in phones, cars, refrigerators, and more. Most importantly, the OS finds use for internet and supercomputers making scientific breakthroughs. The operating system has been pretty renowned for managing hardware […]

Document Classification using Apache Spark in Scala

Email Spam Identification, category classification of news and organization of web pages by search engines are the modern world examples for document classification. It is a technique to systematically classify a text document in one of the fixed category, or In other words, tagging of a text document can be described as document classification process. […]