Are Passwords Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

Password Authentications

Throughout human history, passwords have been used from ‘watchwords’ in ancient Roman armies to the four-pin locks on our smartphones today. But as cyber security becomes an increasingly important concern, many experts point out that passwords may have outlived their usefulness.  The World Economic Forum found that cybercrime-related activities result in an estimated cost of […]

What Makes Cloud Security Challenging For Cybersecurity Teams?

Cloud Security Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity still seems to be the number one concern when it comes to cloud adoption.  About 85% of enterprises are estimated to have the majority of their workloads on the cloud, be it public, hybrid or multi-cloud platforms by the end of 2020, according to a report. On the other hand, cybersecurity still seems to […]

Why Indian Cities Must Update IT Infrastructure To Prevent Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity India

Multiple cities in India and even in the West are vulnerable to advanced cyber-attacks- ranging from phishing to crypto mining to ransomware. By using the network and server-side vulnerabilities, threat actors are triggering attacks.  The extension of the network to the edge has become a juicy target for hackers, particularly in smaller cities who may […]

What Role Do Cryptographic Hash Functions Play In Web Security?

Cryptographic Hash Functions Security

A cryptographic hash function is an algorithm which can be executed on data, like a file or a password, to create a value called a checksum. A hash function takes an input, or a message and returns with a fixed-size string of bytes. Any data can be hashed, regardless of its size or type and […]

How A Security Camera Vendor Exposed User Data While Performing Analytics

Wyze Security Breach

Wyze- a security camera manufacturer admitted to a mistake that cost more than a million users’ personal data to be exposed on the web. According to Wyze, while no passwords or financial information was exposed, user data like email addresses, Wi-Fi network IDs and body metrics were left unprotected between December 4 and December 26, […]