AI Features Auto Firms Are Embedding In Cars

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already found its applications across sectors, and nowadays, it has become a hot-selling potato in the automotive industry, especially in cars.

Are Deep Neural Networks Unequivocally Better Than Lidar?

Tesla has always had a unique approach towards self-driving cars. The electric car company has been developing Computer Vision and Synthetic Neural Networks to solve the challenges associated with self-driving cars. While industry giants like Toyota, Google, Uber, Ford and General Motors all have been working with Lidar, Tesla has always proclaimed that Lidar will […]

Tesla’s Karpathy On The Tech Behind Its Autopilot Project

“We are in bad shape when it comes to transportation. We have these metallic objects travelling really quickly with really high kinetic energy. We are putting meat in the control system; it is quite undesirable. It fundamentally comes down to people not being too good at driving. They get into a lot of trouble,” said […]

Tesla Unveils World’s Fifth Most Powerful Supercomputer

Andrej Karpathy, Senior Director of AI at Tesla, unveiled a supercomputer at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference 2021. It is the world’s fifth most powerful supercomputer in terms of floating-point operations per second (FLOPS).  Inside the cars, Tesla needs powerful computers to run its self-driving software. On the outside, it requires supercomputers to […]

Top Indian Self-Driving Startups To Watch Out For In 2021

Self-driving has been one of the most talked about tech around the world. The global autonomous vehicle market is expected to reach a $556.67 billion market cap by 2026, according to Allied Market Research. Tech giants like TCS, Tata, Infosys and Tech Mahindra are working to bring autonomous driving technology to Indian roads. Here is […]

Did Ola Take Us For A Ride On April 1st?

A flying car running on ethereum-ion batteries with a top speed of 350 km/hr on air. Wait, WHAT???  Everything about the Ola flying car oozed promise. The tech looked plausible. The script was perfect. Everything, except, the timing of the announcement. Ola did pull a fast one on all of us. Even some media houses […]

Top 8 Online Resources To Get Started With Self-Driving Vehicles In 2021

Autonomous driving has been one of the holy grails in technology in the last decade. Waymo, Tesla, Faraday Future etc. have made huge inroads into self-driving tech and have been riding the AI wave to take us into the future. The mobility revolution has created new jobs, such as Industrial Engineer, Perception Software Engineers, Field […]

How Lyft’s Library for Self-driving Simulation works

Lyft Level 5

Autonomous Vehicles(AV) are changing the future of transportation. Lyft, a ride sharing company, has taken self-driving to another level. They believe that self-driving cars can make transportation safer, eco-friendly and easily available to everyone. The framework proposed by lyft is for developing learning-based solutions to prediction, planning and simulation problems in self-driving. The goal of […]