Why Tesla AI Day Sucked

In 2019, at Tesla’s Autonomy Day, Elon Musk said that Tesla would have over a million self-driving vehicles on the road where riders “could go to sleep” by mid-2020.

Are Deep Neural Networks Unequivocally Better Than Lidar?

Tesla has always had a unique approach towards self-driving cars. The electric car company has been developing Computer Vision and Synthetic Neural Networks to solve the challenges associated with self-driving cars. While industry giants like Toyota, Google, Uber, Ford and General Motors all have been working with Lidar, Tesla has always proclaimed that Lidar will […]

Tesla’s Karpathy On The Tech Behind Its Autopilot Project

“We are in bad shape when it comes to transportation. We have these metallic objects travelling really quickly with really high kinetic energy. We are putting meat in the control system; it is quite undesirable. It fundamentally comes down to people not being too good at driving. They get into a lot of trouble,” said […]

Tesla Unveils World’s Fifth Most Powerful Supercomputer

Andrej Karpathy, Senior Director of AI at Tesla, unveiled a supercomputer at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference 2021. It is the world’s fifth most powerful supercomputer in terms of floating-point operations per second (FLOPS).  Inside the cars, Tesla needs powerful computers to run its self-driving software. On the outside, it requires supercomputers to […]

Why Bitcoin Makes It Hard To Purchase Tesla Vehicles

Why Bitcoin Makes It Hard To Purchase Tesla Vehicles

In recent news, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, went public with a tweet that hailed a first proper step in integrating cryptocurrency into our daily life. Announcing it where he could get the most traction from all the generations together, his tweet called out for interested buyers to pay for Tesla’s electric vehicles in bitcoin. But […]

How FMCW Is Transforming Lidar Technology

How FMCW Is Transforming Lidar Technology

Aurora Innovations, an autonomous vehicle company, based out of Silicon Valley, recently announced its acquisition of OURS Technology for an undisclosed amount. The latter is a startup founded by a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, specialising in Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and ‘lidar-on-a-chip’. This is Aurora’s second acquisition of a […]

Apple On Wheels, Microsoft’s New Chip And More In This Week’s Top News

While the top internet companies like Google and Facebook try to work their way up from the deluge of lawsuits, China and Russia joined the “antitrust” party in their own style. China launched a probe into Alibaba for their anti-competitive practices. Whereas, Russia passed two bills with an intent to keep YouTube and Twitter in […]

Why Tesla Invented A New Neural Network

Recently, Tesla filed a patent called ‘Systems and methods for adapting a neural network on a hardware platform.’ In the patent, they described the systems and methods to select a neural network model configuration that satisfies all constraints. According to the patent, the constraints mainly include an embodiment that computes a list of valid configurations […]

Full Autonomy In Sight As Tesla Acquires DeepScale, A Computer Vision Startup

Word on the street is that Tesla has now equipped its ever-growing tech-arsenal in the form of DeepScale. This UC Berkeley computer vision startup has proved their mettle last year with their work on SqueezeNet and Carver 21. The news of this acquisition was followed by DeepScale CEO’s Forrest Iandola post on social media announcing […]

Will Open Source Platforms Bridge The Innovation Gap Across Smart Car Solutions?

connected car

There is a multitude of proprietary smart car systems working separately instead of running in parallel, which impedes interoperability of car software. Will Open Source help bridge this gap? With cellphones, GPS-powered apps and now 5G making on-request transport simple and wildly popular, it has become easy to bring down the expenses and make ride-sharing […]

What’s Hot In The Driverless Space ⁠— Datasets, Acquisitions & More

According to a study done by Deloitte, in the US alone, people could travel up to 25 percent more miles by 2040 than they do today. And while the shift to shared autonomy is likely to happen earlier in densely populated urban centers, the rollout will happen over time at different rates in suburban and […]