Understand the Significance of T-Test and P-Value Using Python

The T-test is a hypothesis testing method that helps in testing the significance of two or more groups and determining the important differences between the groups being compared. It is a variation of inferential statistics and is mostly used with datasets that possess a normal distribution but with unidentified variances.

5 Python Unit Test Frameworks To Learn In 2019

Testing applications have become a necessary skill set to become a proficient developer today. The Python community supports testing and the Python standard library has well-built tools to support testing. In the Python environment, there are abundant testing tools to handle the complex testing needs. Unittest Inspired by the JUnit framework and having similar characteristics, […]

Software Engineers Have Become Key Players In Data Science Teams

There is a lot of confusion around how a data science team of a company looks like and what members it has and what is the role of each member in his/her area of expertise. One of the greatest confusions is the great divide between data science and the engineering experts in a data science […]

Machine Learning Can Be A Game Changer In Solar Panel Inspection


Over the past few decades, inspection methods in industrial processes have seen a sea of change. Diverse inspection techniques such as non-destructive testing (NDT), especially machine vision, have become game-changers. With research and technology fuelling these innovations, processes have become optimised and products have become almost defect-free once released onto the market. Of late, machine […]