11 Alternatives To Keras For Deep Learning Enthusiasts

Keras, one of the most popular frameworks in deep learning, is a high-level neural network library which runs on top of TensorFlow, CNTK and Theano. Written in Python, this framework allows for easy and fast prototyping as well as running seamlessly on CPU as well as GPU.   In this article, we are listing down the […]

7 Most Popular NLP Frameworks In Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most popular domains in machine learning. It is a collection of methods to make the machine learn and understand the language of humans. The wide adoption of its applications has made it a hot skill amongst top companies. Here are a few frequently-used NLP frameworks that can […]

TensorFlow Vs Caffe: Which Machine Learning Framework Should You Opt For?

When it comes to TensorFlow vs Caffe, beginners usually lean towards TensorFlow because of its programmatic approach for creation of networks. TensorFlow has surged ahead in popularity largely because of the large adoption by the academic community. Caffe, on the other hand, has been largely panned for its poor documentation and convoluted code. In this […]