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TAL BRABO Welding Robot Aims To Power The Future Of Welding Processes In India

TAL BRABO Welding Robot Aims To Power The Future Of Welding Processes In India

TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, announced on Friday the launch of its indigenously developed, TAL BRABO Welding Robot, developed for welding operations. The Welding Robot comes with highly reliable features and ensures safety as it is equipped to perform all dangerous actions associated with welding. 

The robot was exhibited for the first time at the Automation Expo from 09 – 12 August 2017 in Mumbai, the company said in a press release.

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The Welding robot, which is available in three variants, will set one back by Rs. 8.5 lakhs and is aimed to cater Tier 3 and 4 suppliers. Moreover, the company also claimed that it is a cost-effective and easy-to-use robotic technology, with a reach of 850 mm and payload capacity of 2, 6 and 10 kilograms.

Speaking at the launch, R S Thakur, Non-Executive Director & Chairman – TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd., said, “India is a growing market for technology and innovation with a conducive atmosphere for development of automation. Robotics and Automation can revolutionize the industrial scenario and change the way various functions are performed across industries. We take pride in introducing the new TAL BRABO Welding Robot which will offer cost effective and integrated manufacturing solutions in multi discipline capabilities. This innovative product will automate the tedious welding process. Robotic technology is in the nascent stage in India and we aim to create awareness through such innovative product offerings.”

The welding robot will be produced at the TAL facility in Pune and is backed by a System Integrator Network. According to the release, the Pune plant has a capacity of 3000 units annually. “The demand for these robots is bound to increase with boost in sectors like Automotive, Light Engineering, Precision Machining, Electronics, Software Testing, Plastics, Logistics, Education, Aerospace and Engineering among others, simplifying industrial manufacturing, improving quality and productivity,” the release said.

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Earlier this year, TAL launched first Indian conceptualized, designed, and manufactured an industrial robot used for varied applications for tasks like pick and placement of materials, assembly of parts etc.

The TAL BRABO is the country’s first Indigenously developed, ‘Made in India’ solution, developed to cater to micro, small and medium enterprises. Having successfully tested the TAL BRABO in over 50 customer work streams so far, TAL Manufacturing is ready to supply these robots to various sectors.

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