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Talking Ethical AI with Hirect’s Raj Das

Hirect uses a proprietary AI algorithm to match job descriptions with qualified candidates based on metadata and behavioural data.

Hirect is a chat-based, hiring platform for high-growth startups and SMEs. The company enables its clients to connect directly with job seekers in a day and at the cost of a meal.

Hirect uses a proprietary AI algorithm to match job descriptions with qualified candidates based on metadata and behavioural data.


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“We have been several cases of fraud in the recruitment process. We used AI to eliminate this threat. Hirect analyses inconsistencies in data to identify fraudulent actions, recognise questionable job listings or profiles, and thereby reduce employment frauds,” said Raj Das, Global co-founder and CEO of Hirect India.

Raj spoke about how Hirect embeds ethics into its platform in an exclusive interview with Analytics India Magazine.

AIM: How does Hirect leverage AI?

Raj Das: Hirect uses an AI algorithm that matches recruiters and job seekers based on n number of parameters, improving the relevance of jobs/candidates, response rate, and response time. You don’t have to go through hundreds of jobs/candidates to find the relevant ones, and AI is capable enough to filter the best jobs for candidates.

Hirect has solved all the issues faced by the recruiters and the jobseekers with its unique features like direct chatting, AI-tailored profile recommendation, and in-app video interview.

Many fake digital hiring platforms scam job seekers by taking money from them promising jobs. The AI algorithm on Hirect eliminates such fraud and fake recruiters. Automated AI-enabled systems can now reject almost 3/4th of all resumes, leaving just the most relevant ones for the recruiting team.

Hirect is committed to giving the best possible user experience with its new aged algorithm: The recruiters get access to the AI-tailored candidates’ profiles instantly after signing up on the platform and choose the relevant candidates for the organisation within a day.

AIM: What explains the growing conversation around AI ethics, responsibility, and fairness?

Raj Das: We are living in the age of artificial intelligence. The exponential growth in computing power, combined with the availability of vast amounts of data, has led to a technological revolution. AI has helped humans solve various problems, but technology also raises concerns about potential exploitation. Therefore, everyone must deploy AI models with humans in the loop.

It is also an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities for our society. Technological progress will not stop; it will keep changing our world. We need to be proactive about how we want this change to happen and what direction we want the future to take.

AIM: How do you mitigate biases in your AI algorithms?

Raj Das: Hirect employs AI to match the recruiter’s needs with the appropriate job profiles. Emotions or personal prejudice do not play a role in identifying relevant candidates with the assistance of AI. As a result, the hiring managers and decision-makers can select from a pool of candidates with the necessary skills and expertise relevant to the particular job.

Many personal biases influence the recruitment process. Hirect’s unique AI job matching algorithm matches the job seeker with the ideal job.

AIM: How does Hirect ensure consumer data privacy?

Raj Das: For us, user data privacy is not an option but rather a priority. Data security is not a luxury, but it is an essential component of the digital platform. One of our main pillars is data privacy, ensuring no scams or spamming occurs.

The AI takes important precautions to ensure the safety and security of its users by verifying and validating firms and recruiters using approved papers and recording behavioural patterns of both recruiters and candidates. As a result, Hirect provides full security when it comes to user data protection.

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