Tech Behind Good Little Robots, A Startup Providing MarkTech Solutions & Vehicle Detection Services

In March 2021, Bhavik Doshi, Tushar Shah and Priyanka G Talvadkar started Good Little Robots to use– in their own words–“technology for good.”

The Mumbai-based company has developed in-house technology for vehicle detection and analytics. The startup solves marketing and technology (MarTech) problems by “blending technological solutions with humanity.” In conversation with Analytics India Magazine, CEO Priyanka, said: “We address the problems faced by CMOs on how to address the ever-changing marketing and technology landscape.”

Vehicle detection and analytics

Good Little Robot’s proprietary technology VehiView uses images and videos from CCTV feeds to perform data analysis. Based on AI and ML, VehiView detects, counts and classifies vehicles and does not require any hardware. 

The tech claims an accuracy of above 95 percent for vehicle detection and classification and can be used for traffic surveys, traffic management, urban planning, residential and commercial parking lots, ports, railways and road safety. VehiView has applications in the media industry to measure campaign visibility. Additionally, it can be used at toll stations as an audit tool and as a software AVCC (Autonomous vehicle computing consortium).

VehiView comes in a plug-and-play format and can be easily integrated with existing systems. Bhavik said the tool could analyse feed from cameras with basic pixel strength.

VehiView also offers an AI-based automatic number plate recognition, detection and reading services. It captures different types of number plates, which can later be used for traffic monitoring, electronic toll collection and theft detection. Another use case is identifying container numbers to help logistic companies, transporters, shipping lines and port authorities with documentation and tracking.

The ML system is trained to extract details like date, order number, signatory and item description from purchase or sale orders. “This saves a lot of time and eliminates manual intervention or errors,” Tushar said. The solutions can be customised. Good Little Robots uses a subscription-based model. 

Tech to improve CX 

For its MarTech solutions, Good Little Robots uses AI/ML to extract actionable insights to help businesses enhance customer experience. This allows businesses to improve customer retention and returns on investment. 

“We use a customer-centric approach in data management and augmentation–breaking down silos, uniting data from sales to customer service,” Bhavik said. 

Good Little Robots is not a fan of one-size-fits-all approaches. The startup integrates different technologies and channels to help businesses align with their goals. Bhavik adds: “We unite data across departments and have a data privacy focus. Data has to follow bi-directionally in real-time. With loads of data available, it is necessary to get the signal from the noise and use it to get transformative and actionable business insights.”

At present, Good Little Robots has a team of seven people. 

Tech stack 

Good Little Robots uses the following technologies: 

  • AI 
  • ML
  • Computer Vision
  • Emotion AI 
  • Deep Learning
  • Affective Computing 
  • NLP 

Under its Tech Studio, the startup offers Sentiment Analysis, retail analytics, data science for marketing, and UI/UX services.

Good Little Robots offers an AI-based facial emotion recognition solution. “Emotion analysis plays a key role in helping brands, and companies understand customer and employee sentiments,” co-founder Tushar said. For retail analytics, it creates heatmaps for in-store intelligence. 


Priyanka said the team had to extensively train its ML model to increase the accuracy levels. “We needed to test our solution multiple times before we came into the market,” she added. 

VehiView has a turnkey API ready for launch. Going forward, Good Little Robots plans to work towards road safety and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. “We aspire to evolve and re-invent the future to give the best to our clients and partners,” Bhavik said.

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