Hiring, freezes & downsizing in Indian Tech Industry

There are fears in all of our minds as COVID-19 is breaking down the global supply chains and choking all aspects of life. Yet, we at Analytics India Magazine are optimistic about the future and job prospects in our fast-developing nation. While most analysts predict that the economic slowdown may decelerate hiring, it’s still crucial to keep a close tab on what’s happening across various tech firms.
The technology sector is most critical to track and with a coordinated effort, we are keeping note and visualising the hiring trends in the coming weeks. If your company or a startup is laying off staff during these difficult times, we would appreciate if you let the community know. If you are tech recruiter who is looking to hire fresh talent or will continue to hire regardless of the economic condition, we would love to know you’re doing great!
Do share the credible information that you have and keep everyone informed.
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What you should know about recession in Indian Tech

Experts are raising fears about an oncoming recession and significant drop in hiring. While February 2020 was an average month when it came to job growth, what happened next shocked everyone. Within just a month, the US recorded its highest unemployment collection.

A recession generally demands that companies cut unnecessary spending from their running budgets, and this often includes tech and web development. In doing so, they seek to keep a healthy web existence with a smaller staff. While some will struggle during this downturn, some industries in tech are actually booming.



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