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Tech Mahindra boosts Industry 4.0: Opens up “Factory of the Future” centre at Bangalore

Tech Mahindra boosts Industry 4.0: Opens up “Factory of the Future” centre at Bangalore

As we move into a phase where manufacturing is getting bigger and better with connected devices powered by IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is witnessing an amplified productivity with minimal human intervention.

Keeping in lines with the advancement in technology, Tech Mahindra, a pioneer in digital transformation has set up a state-of-the-art lab which works on technologies that are expected to power the future factory floors.

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Coming as a headstrong move by Tata Mahindra, it has opened up Factory of the Future centre at Bangalore. An initiative that is first of its kind, it definitely proves that the company is one of the leading solution providers in the field of smart manufacturing across the globe.

Inside the Factory of Future Lab-

Based on next-gen technologies, the lab intends to demonstrate products and solutions built in association of leading software and hardware vendors. Built in a modular form it would showcase the concepts of Industry 4.0.

Utilizing on concepts like connected machine, manufacturing, robotics, AI, analytics, automation, AR and VR, the lab would show all possible solutions and assets in this space.

Industries world-over are going through a massive transformation, a transformation that is driven by the advances in newer technologies, especially things like IoT and Robotics. As a trusted Digital Transformation partner for client organizations, we have taken lead in these areas and have invested in building capabilities to harness the opportunities,” said L Ravichandran, President and Chief Operating Officer at Tech Mahindra.

“The infrastructure and the assets in the lab are already being monetized to create customer-centric solutions and we already have some references while some of the customer use cases are being tested,” noted Aloke Palsikar, Senior VP and Global Head of Manufacturing at Tech Mahindra.

From being a labour intensive segment to more and more automated with time, the impact and adoption of technology has been much more evident in manufacturing than other segments. It has entered a next-gen phase of automation where robots will work alongside humans in a connected factory floor powered by technologies such as AI, robotics, machine learning, big data and analytics.

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Tech Mahindra being a leading vendor in this space has a unique advantage of leveraging the best-in-breed technologies from global majors and building solutions banking on its deeper engagement and understanding of the customer problems.

The company has already been working along with IBM at its newly-opened Watson IoT centre in Munich to create solutions targeting the Industry 4.0, especially segments such as manufacturing, farming, healthcare, banking, and automotive.


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