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Tech Mahindra Converts Its Office Cafeteria Into Covid Care Facility

Tech Mahindra Converts Its Office Cafeteria Into Covid Care Facility

Recently, Tech Mahindra announced that the company has converted its office cafeteria into a Covid care facility. For this initiative, the tech giant has collaborated with Fortis. The care facility has been operational since April 24.

According to sources, there are 40 beds in the cafeteria, of which 35 are occupied. However, the facility is not equipped to handle critical patients. The COVID care facility has a basic medical infrastructure to help patients with mild infection recuperate in case they can’t get a hospital bed. 

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A spokesperson from the tech giant stated in a report, “Initially, we created this facility to help our employees and their family members, but we did not restrict ourselves and have accommodated anyone who reached out to us as information spread.” 

“We have a basic setup in place, to help people isolate and recuperate. Fortis doctors are on call and there is manageable oxygen support. It is a very small number, but we wanted to do something for emergency support,” he added.

A few days back, the company has also announced the COVID-19 vaccination drive for its associates and dependent family members. The company will cover the cost of vaccination for all its employees and associates and further plans to extend the benefit to its third-party employees as well.

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Besides this, the IT major has also defined stringent safety protocols and introduced several initiatives including, the 24/7 Emergency Help Desk to address requests related to hospitalisation and medication along with Associate Welfare Trust and Health Insurance cover for associates’ financial needs and COVID-19 related expenses.  

The company has also launched Mhealthy, which is a comprehensive COVID-19 risk screening test to assess the presence of anti-bodies along with all the vital health statistics for COVID-19 co-morbidities. By generating real-time reports, the solution ensures that every individual stepping into the Tech Mahindra premises is healthy; thereby, making it a safe place to work.

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