Tech to transcendence: Tredence journey towards becoming an AI & data science powerhouse

“We will be a 2000 people data science company in the next six months, or maybe sooner.”
Tech to transcendence: Tredence journey towards becoming an AI & data science powerhouse

Design by Tech to transcendence: Tredence journey towards becoming an AI & data science powerhouse

Tredence – one of the leading AI and data science solutions providers – unveiled its brand new identity last month called ‘Beyond Possible.’ The company’s rebranding reflects its vision for the future of AI and data science, essentially unifying tech, and going beyond the possibilities, behaviour, and expectations.

With this brand new positioning, the company looks to renew its focus on providing vertical-specific data science solutions for its customers and improving the career path of its employees by preparing them to chart out their professional journeys by pushing the limits. 

Analytics India Magazine caught up with co-founders Shub Bhowmick, Shashank Dubey, and Sumit Mehra to understand their game plan, alongside discussing some of the interesting initiatives and work that resonates with the company’s brand new philosophy or ideology, both now and in the future. 

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Embracing change, Beyond Possible 

Dubey said that ‘Beyond Possible’ is not an informational positioning; it is an aspirational and emotive positioning. He said that the new brand identity represents Tredence’s growth aspirations and delivering value that matters. 

Furthermore, the new brand identity seamlessly resonates with the kind of work Tredence does today, going beyond just providing insights and incremental changes, but enabling large-scale transformation and setting customers for accelerated growth.

“This is one thing that has been very near and dear to us,” he added, saying that it is not about getting the job done but delivering results beyond expectations.

Tech to transcendence: Tredence journey towards becoming an AI & data science powerhouse

Further, he said that Beyond Possible reflects their futuristic mindset and essence, where they are consistently upping the game to go beyond possibilities to meet the changing needs of our employees, customers, and external stakeholders.

Time is of the essence  

“The last two and half years of Covid19 have changed the world significantly. Most of our clients are now shifting the narrative of growth from linear to nonlinear growth (i.e., from evolution to transformation),” said Dubey, “If you look at evolution, it is a very incremental concept. But, transformation is a nonlinear construct.” 

He said they have also been inspired and motivated to partner with their clients in this transformational journey. “So, when you take the leap of transformation, you cannot live in the constraints of the present,” he added. 

Mehra said as technology evolves, the data evolves, and so do the algorithms. With this new brand positioning, the company believes that they do not want to define what is possible and what isn’t but are looking for a long term vision to make things possible. 

“Many problems that you feel today are not solvable will become solvable in the future, and we want to bring that future to the present – faster than anybody else. That is the transformative journey we want our customers to experience,” said Mehra. 

Adding to this, Bhowmick said through this new brand positioning; that they want their employees and potential candidates to feel more unified than before and resonate with the company’s aspirational dreams. 

Further, he said when you want to position your brand to be prepared for the future – which will be even more uncertain – you cannot take a predefined route; you have to be comfortable with that ambiguity.

Bhowmick said they had received amazing responses from clients and internal teams since the rebranding. With this brand new strategy, the company also looks to stay ahead of its competition by positioning itself as a data science solutions company that solves some of the world’s most significant problems. 

“This aspirational positioning is very important,” he added, citing the Forrester report, where Tredence was the only pure-play analytics company in a cohort alongside McKinsey, Accenture, BCG, and others. 

Traditional vs vertical-specific data science solutions

Giving an example of a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, Dubey said one of the challenging aspects is revenue growth management. This includes multiple components like demand forecasting of products, consumer-based shopping insights, discounts, etc. However, he said these problems are conventionally solved as point problems independent of each other. 

Dubey said that at Tredence, they do not solve the problem one at a time but solve all of these things together, thereby creating a holistic and optimized recommendation strategy. For example, they use a ‘prescriptive RGM’ platform in the above case, offering end-to-end solutions for building revenue management strategies. “Our clients love this approach because their business runs on those interactions,” said Dubey. 

Culture of growth 

In the last 12 months, Tredence has increased its employee base by 2X. 

 The company believes in offering experiential learning to its employees, and  certification courses to upskill them. For instance, the company offers FSAP (full stack analyst programme). This programme offers freshers and entrants thorough knowledge across multiple dimensions and rich industry exposure to become full-stack analysts within five years. 

“We are operating in a  unique way compared to other companies in our space – i.e., verticalization and specialization,” said Bhowmick. However, he said that as a company, if you want to create transformational value for your clients, you can not be just generalists. You have to create deep generalists, and for that, teams need to have a diverse set of experience across domains. 

In terms of clients Tredence has added 30-35 clients in the last year. Mehra said that Tredence is currently building accelerators with three things in focus – speed to action, speed to value, and speed to scale. “A lot of vertical and functional expertise has already been embedded into these accelerators, thus, translating to ‘value’ much faster,” he added.

Further, he said that they have partnered with many hyperscalers and data platforms, including Azure, Databricks, GCP, Snowflake, etc., to jointly build solutions to its clients as it helps them access scale, value, and actionability. “It is a win-win for us as it helps us create larger value for our clients, partners, and ourselves,” said Mehra.

Future is now 

In an expansion mode, Tredence told AIM that it has moved to a bigger facility in Bengaluru, alongside launching offices in Chennai and Delhi. “We are planning to grow fairly aggressively in Toronto, Canada, where we are expected to see significant growth,” said Bhowmick. 

Revenue wise, the company claimed to have witnessed 100 percent growth. “We will have 2000 employees in the next six months, or sooner,” said Dubey. 

Amit Raja Naik
Amit Raja Naik is a seasoned technology journalist who covers everything from data science to machine learning and artificial intelligence for Analytics India Magazine, where he examines the trends, challenges, ideas, and transformations across the industry.

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