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Telangana Government To Use AI For Agricultural Innovation

Telangana Government To Use AI For Agricultural Innovation

Telangana IT Minister recently announced the launch of Artificial Intelligence for Agricultural Innovation (AI4AI) programme to boost agricultural developments. It was launched in association with Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, India (C4IR), World Economic Forum. Agriculture is one of the crucial domains for the state and the government aims to bring digital technology-led innovation in the field. 

Along with Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) and the Telangana government’s ITE&C department, the govt. is aiming to identify the high impact use cases of AI which could benefit both farmers and policymakers. 

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Telangana has announced the year 2020 to be the Year of AI to accelerate the adoption in various fields. The state aims to develop a conducive AI innovation ecosystem to use AI for social good, especially in the public sector. 

As a part of 2020- Year of AI, the government has partnered with several reputed organisations in industry and academia to brings various projects to life such as AI strategy for Telangana, Telangana’s AI Mission, Centre for Research in Applied AI, and more. 

Speaking at the launch, Telangana industries and IT Minister Rama Rao said, “We feel that AI will offer immense possibilities for farmers, governments and other stakeholders of the ecosystem.”

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The Minister is hopeful that working closely with organisations such as the World Economic Forum will bring in a robust community of experts and years of experience to lead this agricultural innovation. 

The Telangana government had announced the deployment of the country’s first automated ‘COVID-19 Monitoring System App’ to help users in identifying, undertaking live surveillance, tracking, monitoring, and providing real-time analytics.

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