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Telangana Govt To Deploy India’s First Automated COVID-19 Live Monitoring App

Telangana Govt To Deploy India’s First Automated COVID-19 Live Monitoring App

The Telangana government has announced the deployment of the country’s first automated ‘COVID-19 Monitoring System App’. This app is going to help users in identifying, undertaking live surveillance, tracking, monitoring, and providing real-time analytics. 

The COVID-19 Monitoring System App has been devised by early-stage start-up, Vera Smart Healthcare in order to deal with the pandemic. This app will enable live surveillance, monitoring, tracking, reporting, and essential bulletins related to this deadly disease. The app uses analytics which facilitates assurance to the stakeholders by providing the facts and figures at their fingertips.

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The key features of the app include geotagging and GPS tracking of the home-quarantined person in order to ensure that the person is not breaching the law of quarantine. The app instantly traces and tracks accurate information, and if it detects a breach, it then conveys the same to authorities. The detailed report then reaches the Chief Minister’s Office through various channels such as the ASHA worker, doctor, police and others.

According to G. Srinivas Rao, the director of Public Health, Government of Telangana, “The system has helped the state first to track and monitor the foreign returnees, and then the community spread. It also identifies and tracks people who are hospitalised for severe acute respiratory infection (SARS) very early to control the spread of COVID.” 

He appreciated Vera Smart Healthcare expertise for handling this deadly pandemic surveillance complexities, understanding the protocol, and developing the technology platform in a record time of three days.

The app enables health workers to manage over 50,000 calls and chat bot queries per month. These calls/ queries are for ensuring that the COVID-19 positive or symptomatic patient is under quarantine and has been getting proper treatment, thus curbing the spread. 

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The maker, Vera, has introduced this first-ever mobile hospital in India in an effort to help in increasing healthcare accessibility in rural areas covering most of the Indian villages.

When asked, Dharma Teja Nukarapu, the founder and CEO of Vera Healthcare stated that the technology is based on IoT, smart devices, GPS and Geotag via a super lite centralised app, which is installed in the phones.

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