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Telengana Government to come up with IoT and Smart Technology Policy

Telengana Government to come up with IoT and Smart Technology Policy

The Telangana government will soon be coming up with IoT and Smart Technology Policy to encourage startups and product development companies in the IoT space. The policy framework for these policies is being worked upon with the aim to promote Internet of Things and smart technologies by providing opportunity to the home-grown players. Also efforts will be made by the state government to attract product companies to locate their respective bases in Telengana.

CII Telangana organised a conference on Internet of Things (IoT) with the theme ‘Current and Future Trends – Managing Data, Devices and connectivity in Digital world’. The conference discussed and addressed the challenges and opportunities present in IoT and data analytics for transforming India into digital economy.

The conference was inaugurated by Telangana IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan. At the conference Ranjan shared his views about IoT. He said that IoT has come a long way with immense social impact and no technology is worth its name unless it has social impact. Also Ranjan shared some instances of how IoT is helping in providing quality healthcare in rural areas, real time scientific information to farmers, prior prediction of severe heatwave conditions. He further stated five parameters to identify best IoT solutions impacting society – relevance, ease of usage, value proposition, replication and inter-operabilty.

According to him the emerging policy would be useful in putting things in perspective. Another reason contributing to the success of the policy would be that a maximum number of partnerships in the Telengana-Hub were in the IoT space. He was of the opinion that IoT with smart algorithms could make a difference to the common man.

IT secretary Ranjan took the opportunity to explain about the pilot projects that have been initiated in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, climate and fishing using IoT-based solutions. He outlined that in remote places, health parameters like ECG and pulse rate are being be taken without needing an experienced person and then the same is being transferred to the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Health (NIMS) for providing the next line of treatment.

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Another instance he narrated of heat wave information messages being sent to mobile phones with the help of 800 climatic locators across the State. Fishermen in the state were being benefitted by messages in local languages on various issues making it convenient for them to understand. Ranjan strongly was of the opinion that a large scale social impact, relevance, ease of usage, inter-operability and replication would be the cardinal principals for the government for taking up IoT projects.


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