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Teradata COO Oliver Ratzesberger Says Enterprises Can Rise Above Business Complexities Using AI

Teradata COO Oliver Ratzesberger Says Enterprises Can Rise Above Business Complexities Using AI

Teradata COO Oliver Ratzesberger speaking at Teradata Analytics Universe.

Teradata is hosting its annual conference in Las Vegas this week from 14-18 October. The conference called Teradata Analytics Universe brings together the customers, experts and partners from all over the world.

Speaking at the first general session, Teradata CEO Victor Lund talked about how Teradata brings together great processes, knowledge and commitment to help enterprises derive value leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence. Teradata COO Oliver Ratzesberger talked about how Teradata adopted new strategies and built new products that will transform enterprises worldwide. He presented client success stories with the audience of over 3,000 at the conference underlining enterprise analytics customers like Qantas, Verizon and Larry H Miller Sports and Entertainment.


In a media interaction, Ratzesberger also underlined the importance of breaking down data silos at large organisations and deriving value by bringing data together by avoiding mass data duplication. He also mentioned that Teradata is working with one of its biggest FinTech projects in recent history by helping one of the top 10 banks in America in its data journey. He added that they see a lot potential for Teradata to gather steam and become of the leading data science companies worldwide.

Speaking to the media, Martyn Etherington, Teradata’s CMO said, “The largest and most well-known companies in the world have collectively invested billions of dollars in analytics, but all that time and money spent has been met with mediocre results.”  

Chai Atreya, Director of Engineering at Teradata said in one of the sessions at the hybrid and multi-cloud offerings from Teradata are a strong differentiator and help “de-risking business decisions” for their customers.

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At the sidelines of the conference, Teradata also released a consumer survey which was conducted by the market research firm Vanson Bourne. This survey showed which bottlenecks and complexities still exist in the analytics ecosystem. The survey concluded that analytics technology is complex for many senior executives underlining the importance of education in the sector. 79 percent of the survey respondents also said that they do not have enough access to quality data to accomplish goals. The survey also highlighted that highly skilled data scientists are unavailable and business leaders are dependent on data scientists for insights.

Disclaimer: The writer is in Las Vegas on the invite of Teradata India

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