The 2 Year Journey Of The Startup Transforming Conversations

The 2 Year Journey Of EnableX: The Startup Transforming Conversations

The COVID pandemic has led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies due to the social distancing norms and nationwide lockdowns. This has forced businesses to embrace omnichannel digital communications due to which many retailers are moving into a direct-to-consumer model. In such turbulent times, delivering an excellent digital customer experience has become all the more important, and thus, many companies are looking into ways for smart personalisation and emotional engagements.

This has resulted in many turning to communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) providers. One such company is, an AI-enabled cloud communication platform for integrating real-time communication into applications and websites. From one-to-one chats to large scale broadcasts, makes communications more flexible and personal, with deep neural networks and human perception AI.

To understand how the company is transforming conversation amid times like this, we got in touch with Pankaj Gupta, the CEO and Founder, Enable X

He said, “In these two-years of our journey, we invested heavily in technology and product development, and worked hard to improve the end-user experience by continuously optimising the solution.”

He further stated, “We’ve developed proprietary algorithms for bandwidth and video quality optimisation that help us deliver better quality in challenging environments.”

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Redefining Communications Amid The Pandemic

The company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, making it one of the very few global players with a full-stack portfolio including video, voice, SMS and messaging communication functionalities. With, businesses can develop an omnichannel experience that allows users to communicate on any device (Android, iOS), browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and channels (voice, video, and messaging).

“In the current business ecosystem, we have seen a significant surge as a result of businesses looking to deliver an unmatched customer experience driven by smarter, more contextual and dynamic customer conversations,” said Gupta. “Our Video APIs have thus taken centre stage equipping businesses to easily embed video communication into their website/applications in no time without the need for extensive coding or developing any backed infrastructure.”

Additionally, the full-stack communication offering comes with an AI-enabled solution, FaceAI API, that can provide deep insights into the emotional impact of each conversation. The solution leverages deep neural networks and human perception AI to intelligently analyse and measure users’ facial expressions and emotions in real-time to derive meaningful engagement experiences. Unlike static image analysis, Face AI, analyses complex human expression on a continuous basis.

The company uses artificial intelligence and smart algorithms to keep the system running at optimal capacities and provide dynamic scalability to deal with varied business needs. “We have also built several proprietary technology components which help us deliver a better experience to the end-user,” added Gupta.

AI/ML techniques are also used to analyse network operational metrics and identify opportunities to improve network performance. Giving an example, Gupta said, “by embedding AI capabilities, the system can easily identify endpoint system issues, bandwidth limitations in the transport network or regional network outages.” AI has also been used in face recognition and emotion analysis to complement the Video API offerings, which augments live video with cognitive and emotional states understanding.

To enable it, the users have to download FaceAI SDK related to the application’s platform. The FaceAI then fires events at an average rate of 10 times per second for mobile devices and 30 per second for desktop. The data output captured on these events is ready-to-use, readily filtered for use. Businesses can also customise parameter values in order to have a smoother or RAW output for more deep integration into your application’s codebase.

Some of its key features include — attention and liveliness estimator that calculates valence, arousal, age direction etc. to understand customers’ interest level; emotion indication that detects facial expression and measures the customers’ sentiments to build an engaging experience for them. Further, advanced machine learning algorithms provide age and gender indicators for building customised advertisements and campaigns.

Built on an open-source environment, the company has developed its own proprietary media platform, APIs and SDKs that are being offered to the end customer. “We also have comprehensive self-service portals for end-to-end service consumption,” added Gupta. The developers’ programming languages include C, C++, Node.js, PHP and MongoDB/MySQL for Databases, etc.

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Some of its key differentiators are — 

  • is one of the very few global full-stack communication providers for an omnichannel experience.
  • Supports multiple deployment options to fit businesses’ goals, budget, security and compliance needs.
  • Comes with the flexibility to enable businesses to access CPaaS platform from a private cloud environment, hybrid or on-premises deployments.
  • modular and white-label platform gives service providers and telcos a way to differentiate from their competitors by offering and enhancing their communication solutions with CPaaS.

Wrapping Up

In the hosted communication platform as a service space, Twilio and Vonage are two major competitors of However, Gupta said, “In the industry, there are a bunch of other service providers offering CPaaS with some pieces of communication capabilities, but we don’t see them as competitors when it comes to a global and a full-stack offering.”

The company strongly believes the future of communication is, video, and the pandemic has only strengthened their belief. “Our strategy is to focus on video offerings and enhance its quality with more AI functionalities to provide smart, seamless, and personalised communications,” said Gupta. With the initial traction being strong, the company is now looking at expanding its footprint in other markets across APAC, Europe and the Middle East. 

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