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The 4th Edition of Cypher is Announced And Its Much Bigger This Time

The 4th Edition of Cypher is Announced And Its Much Bigger This Time

We have grown! Over the last four years, we have grown quite significantly. Cypher, which started as a simple idea in 2015 is now in its fourth year, connecting the ever-growing analytics community across the country. Cypher has evolved to be the largest and the most intellectually-stimulating analytics conference in India, and we are excited to announce its fourth edition. Brought to you by Analytics India Magazine, Cypher 4.0 is going to be held from 26-28 September 2018 at Radisson Blu, Bengaluru.

Cypher 2018 will see a lineup of 120+ speakers, 800+ delegates, 300+ companies and 80+ talks, over a span of three vibrant days.

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Graced by data scientists, new tech professionals, CXOs, analytics startups, VCs and analytics aspirants, we will bring you a network of professionals with an audience that can be defined as the epitome analytics industry in India. You can meet, interact and engage with participants from various segments in new tech which can help you and your business grow.

This year we are also trying a few new things:

Cypher 2018 will revolve around a theme of Innovation in Data Science and Analytics. Newer technologies such as cloud, automation and intelligent platforms are beginning to reshape the technology landscape. The analytics world is rapidly evolving, calling for expeditious innovations in the field. As we live in an era of constantly evolving technologies and infinite digital transformations, the need to adapt and invest in newer technologies is crucial for personal as well as professional growth.

With newer developments in analytics taking mere days or weeks to accomplish (instead of the months or years earlier), the Indian new tech industry is yet to see the right amount of innovation to keep pace with the rest of the world. To get a refreshing and a futuristic perspective on this, Cypher 2018 intends to bring academia, industry, researchers and professionals from analytics, data science and artificial intelligence fields together on a single platform.

With innovators from various walks of life, Cypher 2018 will provide you with a penetrating outlook into the industry, introduce the innovators, help you understand best practices and show you the real-life analytics use-cases about solving complex business problems, challenges on the way.  

In these sessions at Cypher, we have been covering a vast range of subjects, points of view and real-world case studies with three sessions running parallely. However, with the growing popularity and an expectation to cover the industry from a broader perspective, we are introducing five parallel sessions this year to offer more food for thought. By increasing the number of sessions, we hope that whatever your role may be in right now, you can find something to relate to.

At Cypher 2018, you’ll find yourself indulging in thought-provoking sessions, exhibitions, hackathons, knowledge talks, panel discussions, keynotes, workshops, networking dinner and most importantly — having a lot of fun.

Buy yourself the luxury of being a part of the largest analytics summit in the country. Early passes are available till 29 June 2018.

Visit our website for more details.

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