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The Best Learning Path To Becoming A Data Scientist


Are you looking for an exciting new career change in a field that’s continuing to grow each day? Consider a career as a data scientist. These days, most companies use important information that is extracted from all of the data they have in order to measure progress, make informed decisions, plan for the future, and so on. Data Scientists are the ones that process and organize this data with scientific methods, algorithms, and other techniques. They are able to sift through this information in order to provide companies with structured and organised insights. 

The following video goes into data science more in-depth and explains why it’s booming nowadays:


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Why Go For a Data Science Course?

As the data science industry continues to expand, more people are understanding just how valuable it is to have a qualified data scientist on their team. As a matter of fact, revealed that job postings for data scientists have gone up by 75 percent over the past three years. 

The first step in getting certified as a data scientist is to enroll in an accredited data science course that can teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the field – from the fundamentals to advanced skills. While there are free online sources that can offer some good tips for learning data science, nothing beats enrolling in a structured, accredited program that provides instruction from industry professionals, hands-on training on real life projects and industry projects, which can also award you with a professional certification upon completion. If you’re looking for a course that keeps students updated with the latest trends in data science and offers practical knowledge in its instruction, one good option is Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s Program, which is co-developed with IBM. If you’re wondering when to begin, there is no better time than now, especially if you want to get ahead of your peers.

Learning Path: How to Become a Data Scientist?

Choosing a learning path for data scientist training can be overwhelming due to all the options out there, but it’s ideal to choose a program that best suits your needs and goals. Successful Data Scientists usually have a thorough comprehension of various tools, in addition to programming languages, and understand their roles in data science. With these skills, you can easily stand out amongst the competition to potential employers.

Some of these programming languages include SAS, R, and Python. What you’ll need to know exactly will depend on different things, such as the specific project you’re working on or the company you’re working for. In order to be a well-rounded candidate that can take on any type of project, it’s crucial to know all three of these programming languages. 

Beyond that, it’s also helpful for data scientists to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. When you enroll in an accredited data science learning program, these are usually just some of the things you’ll learn in order to build a solid foundation in data science. 

As a data scientist, it’s also important to be able to clearly organize, visualize, and present all of the different data you’re sifting through. This is where Tableau comes in, and how mastering Tableau is another essential skill for any data scientist.

Finally, data scientists should also be well-versed in big data, as they will often encounter massive data sets and will be required to apply various machine learning and/or data science algorithms.Simplilearn

The following is a suggested learning path for data scientists in training that provides more detail on what you’ll study and what you can expect.

1. Data Science Certification Training – R Programming

Programs like this, such as the one offered through Simplilearn, is a good place for all aspiring Data Scientists and Data Analysts to start. Students should be able to have a full comprehension of the programming language R, as well as business analytics, by the end of the program. The course teaches an array of data science concepts, such as predictive analytics and data exploration. Students also get the opportunity to be hands-on by working on actual projects, which can provide invaluable experience during the training process. This course is perfect for those who are already working in software development and IT, or for those who have already been working in data science, but are looking to sharpen their skills through a formal training program.

2. Data Science with SAS Certification Training

Although there are different ways to learn certain data science techniques online, such as  through video tutorials and blogs, a course like Simplilearn’s SAS online training course offers incomparable benefits. Through this accredited online learning program, students learn different analytics techniques and skills, and are also taught how to use various SAS data science tools. A holistic overview of analytics and graphic user interface (GUI) is introduced in this program, and students learn how to comprehend elect statements and joins in SQL, as well as how to combine dataset methods and understand the need for macro variables.

Students also learn how to apply optimization and data manipulation techniques, in addition to advanced statistical techniques, including decision trees, linear regression, and clustering. In order to better prepare future data scientists for real-world problems they may encounter, students are also taught various predictive modeling methods and data analysis techniques. 

This course isn’t only recommended as part of a data scientist learning path, but it also teaches essential skills for those who are experienced with analytics and want to work with SAS.

3. Data Science with Python

The Data Science with Python course provides students with a well-rounded data science instruction that includes data visualization, machine learning, data analysis, and natural language processing using Python. 

As a Data Scientist, it’s important to add Python to your skillset, as more and more professionals in the industry are mastering this programming language. In fact, it has been reported that with 7 million people now using Python, it has surpassed Java as the top programing language. 

This type of course is not only suited for those wishing to pursue a career as a Data Scientist, but can also be beneficial for anyone looking to work with analytics or in software development. 

4. Machine Learning Certification Course

As a Data Scientist, mastering machine learning is often a requirement, and the best way to do so is by enrolling in an accredited learning program and getting certified. Although there are free online learning sources and tutorials, such as blogs and YouTube videos, these unstructured learning methods don’t always cover all aspects of machine learning. Self-learners also may not easily stay up-to-date on industry changes, nor will they receive certification through self-learning methods. 

Through a machine learning course, students are introduced to various techniques and concepts, such as mathematical and heuristic aspects, supervised and unsupervised learning, algorithm development and hands-on modeling. This course is ideal for those who want to add to their skillset as a Data Scientist, or for those who wish to pursue a career as a Machine Learning engineer. 

5. Tableau Certification Training Course

It’s crucial to learn Tableau if you’re looking to become a data scientist, and a structured Tableau training course can teach you everything you need to know to confidently use Tableau. Students  in this course learn different Tableau concepts, including data organization, visualizations, dashboard designing and more. Students also sharpen their skills in data connection establishment, statistics, and data mapping. It’s also recommended to select a program that offers practical hands-on projects, which can help students feel confident that they’re fully comprehending how to use Tableau.

In addition to data science, a Tableau training course is also recommended for anyone who wishes to work in data analysis or IT development. 

6. Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

Soon-to-be data scientists can benefit greatly by enrolling in a course that teaches big data and Hadoop, while also awarding a certification upon completion. Students go through an immersive learning experience that teaches them everything they need to know regarding big data framework and how it goes hand-in-hand with Spark and Hadoop. With Spark, aspiring data scientists can also learn how to process data in real time, optimization techniques, and how to use Spark SQL for creating, transforming and querying data forms. Students in this course also learn about YARN, HDFS, Pig, Impala, Hive, and MapReduce. These tools are essential for analyzing and processing large data sets. 

As with other online technical courses that follow similar teaching methods, students in this course have the opportunity to practice what they’ve been learning through practical hands-on projects. Because this program prepares students for the Cloudera CCA175 big data certification, the projects they work on also use CloudLab in an array of industries. 

This Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course can benefit several different professions and career paths. In addition to data scientists, software architects and developers, testing and mainframe professionals, business intelligence professionals and analytics professionals can all benefit from this course.

7. Data Science Capstone Project

At the end of your learning journey comes one final project that will help get you job-ready as a data scientist. Simplilearn’s Data Science Capstone Project gives students the opportunity to work on a problem that they may typically experience while on the job. From model building to insight reporting to data processing, the capstone project gives students a chance to demonstrate everything they’ve learned, which can be a reassuring way to prove to yourself that you’re ready to start your new career as a data scientist. 

Bottom Line

There is no denying that the job market is competitive, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a report that reveals how the job market is tightening. If you’re looking for a stable industry that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, data science is an excellent choice.Choosing a buzzing industry is only half the battle when it comes to job security. It’s also important to remember that oftentimes, many qualified candidates compete for the same job opening. One of the best ways to ensure you stand out to recruiters and employers is to have the right credentials. Earning your certification in data science or other relevant field is a surefire way to get your resume noticed by the right people. Get started today!

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