The free Web3 courses on Youtube

Here’s a curated list of affordable and free online Web3 courses.
The free Web3 courses on Youtube
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As the name suggests, Web3 is the third generation of the internet that combines evolving technologies, including blockchain, NFTs, digital avatars and more. According to Chris Dixon of venture capital firm a16z, Web3 combines the best of both worlds; the decentralised ethos of Web1 with the interaction of Web2. 

While tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, governments and big tech companies are rolling in the Web3 hype, it is not an easy concept to learn. Yet, notwithstanding the complexity, Web3 has quickly become one of the most important skills to hone. 

Web3 combines many blockchain-adjacent evolving technologies, including digital avatars, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralised applications. As with any influx of new technology, there’s a need for new skills and talent.


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Analytics India Magazine has listed some affordable and cheap courses to learn Web3 today.

Free courses on YouTube

  1. Web3 Blockchain Fundamentals MOOC

Led by Bill Laboon, Web3 Foundation’s technical education lead, the course teaches blockchain from the basics to building your blockchain in 20 lectures. 

What will you learn?

– Fundamentals and the history of blockchain
– Different algorithms and protocols used in blockchain
– Developing products on blockchain

Learn more here

  1. Solidity, Blockchain and Smart Contract

This sixteen-hour course on YouTube is one of the most well-received tutorials on Web3 concepts. FreeCodeCamp has over five million coders following their tutorials on YouTube. 

This course by Patrick Collins will give you a full introduction to all the core concepts in blockchain, solidity, NFTs/ERC721s, ERC20s, Coding Decentralised Finance (DeFi), upgradable smart contracts, and full-stack blockchain development. 

What will you learn?

– Introduction to Blockchain and other core concepts
– Remix! simple storage
– simple storage
– Brownie simple storage
– SmartContract lottery
– Chainlink
– ERC20s, EIPs, and Token Standards
– Defi and Aave
– NFTs

Learn more here.

  1. Blockchain, Solidity and Full Stack Web3 Development with JavaScript

This course, also developed by Patrick Collins, takes the learners through the core concepts related to blockchain, smart contracts, Solidity, ERC20s, full-stack Web3 dapps, decentralised finance (DeFi), JavaScript, TypeScript, Chainlink, Ethereum, upgradable smart contracts, DAOs, the graph, moralis, aave, IPFS, and more.

What will you learn? 

– Blockchain basics
– Remix! Simple storage
– Ethers.js Simple storage
– Hardhat Simple storage
– HTML / Javascript Fund Me (Full Stack / Front End)
– Smart contract lottery
– Security and auditing

Learn more here

  1. Build and deploy a Web3 Blockchain app

Created by JavaScript Mastery, this three-hour course is a guide available for free to develop your first blockchain cryptocurrency app.

What will you learn?

– Connecting a regular React.js application to the blockchain and pairing it to the Ethereum wallet with MetaMask
– Writing Smart Contracts on the Ethereum network using the Solidity programming language
– creating a full-fledged Web 3.0 application that allows users to send transactions through the blockchain

Learn more here.

  1. Ethereum Blockchain Developer Crash Course

The eight lecture course conducted by Gregory McCubbin on Dapp University Channel is for learning the deeper ins and outs of how cryptocurrency works. 

What will you learn?

– Smart contracts
– Inside Ethereum transactions
– Deploying smart contracts
– Writing smart contracts
– Smart contract events
– Inspecting blocks
– Utilities

Learn more here.  

  1. How to become a Blockchain developer?

This compact 30 minutes video by Ishan Sharma is a roadmap to becoming a blockchain developer. With over half a million subscribers on YouTube, Sharma is also the co-founder of MarkitUp. 

What will you learn?

– What is Web3, and how it is different from Web2?
– Complete Web3 roadmap
– Why are we not talking about Bitcoin while building dApps?
– What if a function call goes in an infinite loop?
– Solidity Alternatives
– Blockchain development
– Blockchain hackathons
– DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, DAOs
– Metaverse: Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Sandbox

Learn more here.

Affordable courses on Udemy

  1. Blockchain dApp Development (Ethereum, Solidity & Web3.js)

Taught by JP COURSES and Swapnil Kole on Udemy, this 20-lecture course on Udemy consists of in-depth knowledge in 2-3 hours. 

What will you learn?

– Integration of Blockchain dapps with WEB3 js
– Full-stack application development via web3 js
– Web3 versus conventional methods
– Main functionality of web3 and Ganache
– Simple practical use of Web3
– A walkthrough of what is inside Truffle box
– Truffle react box deployment and migration of smart contracts
– Setup ganache for our truffle project
– Getting started with App js file
– Create web3 js to use the functions
– App js for second type and window function
– Testing of direct ether send, sending to contract, and withdrawing it.

Learn more here.

  1. Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Solidity (2022)

The 13-hour beginners course on Udemy with a rating of 4.4 on 5 can be explored by people with zero experience to become blockchain developers.

What will you learn?

– Solidity programming by building projects
– Blockchain technology
– How Smart Contracts Work 
– Using Ethereum’s major core development tools
– Development functions of Ethereum
– Decentralised technology works
– Structure of solidity code
– Using Web3 in conjunction with the course projects
– Advanced development with Truffle

Learn more here.

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