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The Fundoo: IIT – IIM Start-up

The Fundoo: IIT – IIM Start-up

fundooWhat happens when geniuses from IIT Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad get together and form a company.. Mr. Vivek Singal and Mr. Sharad Singh from Valuefy are perfect example of it. With values such as Innovation and integrity, the company is growing rapidly.

  1. Do mutual funds and their analysis mean life to you?
  2. Do Capital markets, stocks, patterns, statistics, risks and their relatives excite you?
  3. Does creating something which can provide the market participants with additional comfort, demystifying the trends and taming the turbulence, gives you an adrenaline rush?
  4. Are you passionate about creating portfolio management products using advanced quantitative techniques and deliver it in a super-user-friendly packaging?

Then is right company for you

On the path of becoming global leader in mutual fund analytics, thefundoo is committed to educating the mutual fund market about the various analytics methodologies available to effectively and efficiently run their business.

One of the founders Mr. Vivek Singal says “We are launching fundpicker as a product on . This product would empower mutual fund advisors and distributors in conducting the high end research which would enable them to make right decision for their end investors. Currently the tools available to them recommend funds on the basis of past performance of a scheme, but we know that past performance is not reflective of the future performance. We aim to launch the beta in another week’s time ”

Fundoscope:   currently presents the performance attribution of all the equity schemes in Indian mutual fund industry. Not yet thought how to make this for commercial usage. You can check it out and give your inputs.   Other products on stocks, back testing are under development and would be launched in future (analytical).

Here are the screenshots of Fundoscope:



As Fundoo is perfect combination of mutual funds optimization products and educational material for professionals. Some of the famous articles from Fundoo are here:

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