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Healthcare Analytics Startup The Healthy Billion Raises $2.1 Million In Funding

Healthcare Analytics Startup The Healthy Billion Raises $2.1 Million In Funding

Founders of health tech start-up The Healthy Billion

Gurugram-based healthcare analytics startup The Healthy Billion has raised $2.1 Million (₹14 crore) in a reported extended seed round. Some of the majority contributors are Blume Ventures, Healthquad, Fireside Ventures, Apoorva Patni, and Arpan Sheth, partner in Bain & Co, among others.

According to reports, THB will be using the funds to expand its technical teams.

The clinical research and data analytics start-up had earlier secured seed funding raised by Ajith Sukumaran, who was formerly with Nokia and Apoorva Patni, son of Patni co-founders Ashok Patni who has set up Currae Healthtech Fund. Reportedly, Kanwaljit Singh, former MD of Helion Ventures and a current investor had also participated in this funding round.

As of now, THB is also working on a slew of white papers and is in the process of publishing the findings of its research.

Patni evinced an early interest in healthcare technology and reportedly deployed ₹100 crore in the healthcare sector through Currae Healthtech Fund. Since 2015, Patni, has invested close to₹10 crore in seven healthcare technology start-ups and has plans to expand portfolio.

Set up in 2015, THB is a healthcare analytics start-up combines clinical research and data analytics offering personalised healthcare to patients. THB’s technology platform THB Clinytics — helps track and analyse patient data offering seamless services. The platform also aggregates data from diagnostic labs and perform clinical research through its analytics platform THB Externalytics.

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According to the THB blog, there is tons of diagnostic data (data gleaned from labs) and patient data lying unused, waiting for research and analysis. THB sources this aggregated and anonymised data, cleans it up, and restructures it for use. Their team of biostatisticians perform statistical analysis.

Co-founder and CEO Akansh Khurana, who was formerly with Bain, management consultancy firm, had earlier revealed that the start-up was working on a series of algorithms to deliver smarter insights and personalised patient services.

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